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    Opposing Views: How Marijuana Legalization Impacts A Judgmental Society

    Opposing Views: How Marijuana Legalization Impacts A Judgmental Society

    For so long, the legalization of weed has been such a taboo topic.

    With mixed feelings on the matter, the views on the plant have drastically shifted, and at a rapid rate. What used to be looked at as a drug primarily used by “stoned” misfits and slackers has shifted into a medical relief treatment for the aging “baby boomer” generation as well as a sign of the wealthy.

    Research has been conducted and found several economic benefits from the legalization of marijuana, but what about the social impact it has on such a judgemental society? We’re so quick to judge others when we don’t understand or disagree with something.

    This “quick to judge” attitude poses the question of “how is it that marijuana is such a frowned upon substance but people find nothing wrong with liquor?”

    Marijuana advocates will pose this question to people who turn their noses up to legalizing weed and will point out that there have been more deaths in relation to alcohol than there has ever been to marijuana consumption. So why are people so anti-marijuana? It’s mostly because people have so many misconceptions about the drug, making them have a negative perception of it.

    From an economic standpoint, the legalization of marijuana will open up a new market, giving way for new job opportunities and money will go back into the economy. The social impact of legalizing the drug will positively impact the lives of so many, and will potentially save the lives of many.

    Let’s take a look at just how beneficial the legalization of marijuana can socially impact our judgmental society.

    Social Impact of the Legalization of Marijuana

    Social Impact on Law Enforcement

    It’s funny how weed and its consumption vary from state to state and vary among different races. States like New York have seen the biased treatment of African Americans and Hispanics to rich white Americans. Out of the three races listed, which one do you think gets fewer arrests? If you guessed white, then you’re exactly right.

    The legalization of marijuana could bring a huge force behind economic justice, and that reason alone is why so many “New Yorkers” are pushing for New York Cannabis legalization. With all the benefits of marijuana, legalizing it would give police officers more time to focus on more serious crimes that deserve their attention. And it has the potential to drastically reduce the amount of police brutality happening in the black community. The legalization of weed will help reduce the number of wrongful deaths at the hands of those who are “supposed” to serve and protect.

    Social Impact on Public Safety

    Public Safety is an area that anti-weed advocates love to harp on but it’s for no reason, and statistics show it. Anti-weed advocates like to say that the legalization of marijuana will increase car accidents for drivers who consume the drug.

    Well, a study from the Drug Policy Alliance conducted a study that showed that the legalization of weed didn’t negatively impact the safety of drivers in any legalized states. The American Journal of Public Health revealed that there was no correlation between crash rates and the legalization of marijuana. In fact, marijuana didn’t increase any crash fatalities in the first three years after being legalized.

    Looks like the anti-weed advocates are going to have to find a different reason to bash the legalization of marijuana.

    Social Impact on Public Health

    Did you know that the world is still undergoing an opioid epidemic? Drug overdoses alone have killed more Americans than three wars combined! And to think that people are so concerned about the legalization of marijuana when they really need to direct their concerns on how to reduce opioid deaths.

    The funny thing about reducing the opioid epidemic is that the legalization of marijuana has been directly linked to improving public health during the opioid epidemic. Studies have shown that opioid death rates have dropped by over 20% in states that legalized marijuana for medicinal use in some of the lower states.

    Has Your Judgement Shifted Yet?

    Those who are against the legalization of the drug can continue to be against it, but you can’t deny the many benefits of it and its social impact on the world. From reducing police brutality to potentially being the solution to the opioid epidemic, the legalization of marijuana will certainly prove to be more helpful than harmful.

    So take a moment to get out of your own head and think about someone other than yourself. You may have no use for marijuana, and that’s fine, but you shouldn’t pass judgment on those who are for the legalization of the drug or those who can benefit from the legalization of the drug.

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