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    Powerful Daily Routines To Boost Your Brain, Mood, and Strengthen Immunity

    Powerful Daily Routines To Boost Your Brain, Mood, and Strengthen Immunity

    According to Morning Mind, when it comes to starting the average week, most of us simply try to power through Monday morning from start to end.

    Optimistically confronting our most challenging task first. When we’re done with our first undertaking, we quickly move on to the next and so on. Do you experience high demands at work with little or no control of each task?

    “A great way to start your day is mindfully writing down your near-term goals, as we have seen with creating more self-discipline and forming empowering habits,” says Dr. Kirti Salwe Carter, co-author with her husband, Dr. Rob Carter, of The Morning Mind: Use Your Brain to Master Your Day and Supercharge Your Life.

    “Incorporating just ten minutes of putting pen to paper can have a hugely beneficial impact on your day, fewer visits to the doctor, increased self-awareness, improved mood/affect, and feeling of greater psychological well-being are just a few of the documented benefits.” “Ten minutes of meditation or meditative journaling in the morning and ten minutes during lunch improves your emotional awareness and ability to work under severe stress—a great asset in the physical or virtual workplace these days,” says Carter.

    Carter has four creative techniques to wake up your brain in the morning and lift your mood during this uncertainty and stressful time:

    1. Write about an event that impacted you deeply. “Describe in detail an event that affected you emotionally,” says Carter, “write as much detail as you can about what you felt, how the experience impacted you, and how you felt before and then after the experience.”

    2. Write a detailed account of someone you know. “Describe someone you know well, writing a quick biography of that person’s life as you know it and your relationship with him or her,” says Carter “what life experiences have this person been through that shaped who they are? How did you meet?” “Alternatively, do the same exercise but invent a fictional character and your relationship with him or her,” says Carter.

    3. Describe in detail an object in front of you. “Write about any object of your choice in as much detail as you can, including shape, color, function, and so on,” says Carter, “let your imagination take you beyond what you can see in front of you, allowing yourself to add fantastical and fun details.” For example, I have a toaster in my creativity with writing kitchen that is metallic and has recently been colonized by a group of tiny aliens that are siphoning off the heat from when I make a toast to power their thumb-sized spacecraft.

    4. Write about your perfect morning. “Write an entry about what your perfect morning would look like,” says Carter “what activities would you fit into it, what would you have for breakfast and how would you feel?” “This is an excellent visualization exercise that can assist in stimulating creativity and ideas about what you’d like to get out of mornings in a perfect world,” says Carter.

    Mindful writing helps us more purposefully pay attention to all facets of life. Meditative journaling allows us to get our most precious thoughts out without allowing them to get lost in a sea of emotions.” Give your 100% during the writing exercise. You will begin to notice that you are getting much more out of the experience than a simple journal entry.

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