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    Read A New Book: The Dreamer Collection

    Read A New Book: The Dreamer Collection

    Nothing can add to our intellect more than reading a book.

    It’s still not too late to make a change if your new year resolutions have fallen through! These recommended books are filled with knowledge, parables, insights into a happy life, helpful topics about life, business, love, fear, child rearing, prayer, worship, helpful advice and most importantly, inspiration.

    Take a look at some of the books that have inspired us:

    Skip The Party, Start A Business by Ariana Pierce

    What’s the key to success?

    Hard work, determination and a copy of Ariana Pierce’s best-selling book! A must-read guide for every young person who strives to succeed, Pierce’s Skip The Party, Start A Business is a candid story of how this millennial superstar became a thriving entrepreneur.

    Packed with personal tips and activities to complete at the end of each chapter, this interactive tool compels entrepreneurs and business owners of all ages to start living their dreams now, not later.

    The Tukor’s Journey

    The Tukor’s Journey is an epic action adventure. Chock-full of the unexpected. Faraway lands. Volcanoes. Mountains. Tundra. Tropical forests. Raging rivers. Steamy geysers. Farms. Big cities. Tractors flying at the speed of sound. Blue stones that defy the laws of physics. A crooked Grandpa. A crazy old man. An ostentatious mom. A milquetoast dad. And lots of creatures. Real life creatures, but are they friend or foe?

    Determined to destroy Life itself. And they are closer than ever to succeeding. Soon they’ll be ready to blow up Earth into tiny pieces. And all of our little bits will fly away like milkweed seeds into the galaxy. But there are also three kids. Two brothers and a sister. And they have no idea that they’ll be called upon to save it all.

    Linda Gassenheimer’s The 12-Week-Diabetes Cookbook

    Super simple plan for organizing, budgeting, and cooking amazing dinners.

    Linda Gassenheimer’s The 12-Week-Diabetes Cookbook is an all-in-one plan for complete diabetes-friendly meals, with recipes for the week to create great dinners the whole family will love. The book provides week-by-week menus, shopping lists, and weekly and daily costs per person, per meal. Shopping lists are organized by department to help readers get in and out of the market quickly and include additional tips such as “look for low-sodium tomato sauce…” with the nutritional information to support it.

    Ann C. Barham’s The Past Life Perspective

    Learn how the practice of regression therapy can give you a new lease on life for the new year.

    Ann C. Barham’s The Past Life Perspective is back in time for the holidays with a new softcover print run, giving mainstream readers a practical glimpse into the powerful self-discovery and healing tool of regression therapy. The book shares the personal experiences of Barham and her own clients as they uncover the traumatic and pivotal points of their past lives and how these moments continue to shape their emotions, relationships, health, and actions in the present day.

    Cuba Loves Baseball: A Photographic Journey by Ira Block

    According to the New York Times, Cuba is at an historic turning point. As the country catches up with political and economic changes, baseball will inevitably catch up and change as well.

    In his new book Cuba Loves Baseball, photographer Ira Block, who spent three years photographing the culture of Cuba through baseball, has assembled more than one hundred images of baseball players of all ages. In doing so, Block helps to preserve baseball’s enduring presence in Cuba.

    Blue: A St. Barts Memoir by David Coggins

    As in his popular Paris in Winter, the pages of Blue are full of lyrical writing and vivid watercolors and ink drawings. Coggins describes the natural world lovingly and captures it in his drawings–sublime sky and sea, lush tropical gardens, abundant wildlife from iguanas to whales.

    He writes about social life, about the famous and glamorous, but more about people who live on the island: chefs, artists, wine sellers, sailors. Blue is a delight for the eye and the mind, an antidote to the pressures of urban life. It’s a deeply personal telling of one family’s experiences in an idyllic setting, but Coggins’s gifts as storyteller and illustrator, conveyed with humanity and a love of life, make Blue universally enchanting.

    The Buyer’s Guide to Websites: What You Need to Know to Get the Website of Your Dreams by Drew Barton

    The Buyer’s Guide to Websites: What You Need to Know to Get the Website of Your Dreams by Drew Barton, a comprehensive toolkit for building and managing an incredible website, from agency vetting and contract creation to development oversight, design input, and digital marketing.

    Throughout, Barton, the former webmaster at and founder and president of an award-winning digital agency Southern Web, breaks down the process of finding, hiring, and working with web developers and designers. Don’t fall prey to unqualified imposters: The Buyer’s Guide to Websites will teach you how to ask the right questions, make the right decisions, and create a website that helps you succeed online.

    If you really want to develop your mind and dream bigger for your future, consider purchasing some of these recommended books listed above.

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