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    Tiago Magro Presents: “Isolation: A Quarantine Art Installation”

    Tiago Magro Presents: “Isolation: A Quarantine Art Installation”

    Miami-based artist Tiago Magro has completed a 10-day isolation exercise, locking himself in a local gallery and filling over 3,000 sq ft with his signature graffiti collage style.

    Check out the before and after!

    In the face of adversity and obstacles, one thing has become crystal clear in the creative community: art can’t stop. This has been the mantra of Tiago Magro during this quarantine period, who has just completed a 10-day fully isolated installation, in which he locked himself in a local Miami gallery and covered over 3,000 square feet of white walls with his signature multimedia graffiti, collage style. This challenging journey of secluded creative expression forced Tiago to push the country’s quarantine guidelines to the extreme and allowed him to create a fully immersive creative environment that has quickly been a beacon of hope, positivity, and perseverance for the community, both local and international.
    Global circumstances have radically shifted the lives of practically every person around the world. Whether it be struggles with physical and emotional health or bearing a financial burden caused by the barring of ‘non-essential work’, people are struggling. Despite it all, one thing was clear to Tiago: art can’t stop. It can’t stop for himself, as an artist, creative expression is his oxygen. And for others, who look to artists for inspiration, positivity, and joy. People need the light that art brings in their lives now more than ever.

    Tiago was inspired to push back against these forces, using the platform and skills he has to make a difference. With his team from The Art Plug, Tiago teamed up with World Red Eye and #WREcares to raise funds for local relief efforts. Friend of Tiago, spiritual leaders Andre Fernandes and Rich Wilkerson Jr. of VOUS, helped share his project with their audiences and share his message in the hope of spreading awareness, hope, and strength. Continuing to work with the likes of Marcel Katz of The Art Plug, Luciano Forstiero of Art Design Gallery, and Ken Rodriguez, a Miami videographer & creative director, will enable Tiago to carry this message and spread it throughout the art community and the world at large.

    For 10 days, Tiago tirelessly worked to fill the space of the Art Design Gallery, a gallery owned by a friend who was willing to offer him the space for this project. Tiago remained well-fed thanks to the generosity of many in the community, sending him food via delivery apps throughout each day. The project has received thousands of likes, comments, and messages on social media as we continued to share its progression. Since its completion, it has quickly become utilized by other creatives: Miami’s own DJ Don Hot used the space for a Friday-night DJ set Livestream, and budding singer Kaylan Arnold appeared again on the NBA’s “Base: Line” emerging artist competition live stream (32:30-39:00) as reigning champ, reaching hundreds of thousands of fans.

    Pending updates from government officials, the installation will serve as a place for people to reconnect & enjoy each other’s presence once again. Original pieces will be created & auctioned to help raise funds for relief support. Tiago aims to inspire with this project and push a narrative of persistence, of overcoming obstacles, of fortitude. Through this, people can see firsthand how much can be done when you truly put your mind to it and get down to work.

    It’s certainly a testament to his own work ethic and perseverance, but Tiago also hopes it inspires and motivates creatives around the city, and around the world, to know one thing: art can’t stop. For the creatives themselves, and all those who look to artists for inspiration and expression. The feedback throughout the process was very encouraging and powerful. Through their efforts, Tiago Magro and The Art Plug were able to raise significant funds for various relief efforts. They hope to continue to show this project to a wider audience and would greatly appreciate any support in those efforts.

    Tiago Magro is a mixed-media artist, originally hailing from Brazil and now based in Miami. Tiago’s work exudes an 80’s and 90’s influence while captivating a modern palette and refreshing energy. He has worked in urban environments of New York, Miami, and Brazil, and had collaborations with Island Records, Sony Music, Bagatelle Group, and more. His work uses varied materials (including spray paint, newspapers, epoxies, stencils) to convey love and passion for life.
    The Art Plug Agency is a Miami-based creative agency pushing brands forward through art, providing an array of services from mural advertising and experiential production to brand design and digital content creation. The Art Plug provides a network of hundreds of artists, from illustrators to animators, muralists to sculptors, and an in-house team that are a one-stop-shop for any businesses’ creative needs. With an inherent feel for the art and a deep understanding of the channels where the creative lives, The Art Plug is the team to bring your brand to life and build your next creative project. The Art Plug services a wide array of international artists and globally-recognized brands, including Red Bull, Anheuser-Busch, Lyft, Virgin, Universal Music, Sony Music, Foot Locker, & more.

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