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    2023’s Best and Worst Cities For Breakfast Lovers

    2023’s Best and Worst Cities For Breakfast Lovers

    From eggs and avocado toast to pancakes and doughnuts, eating a delicious breakfast is the best way to start your day.

    So, where are hungry early birds getting the best breakfast? To mark National French Toast Day on Nov. 28, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Breakfast Lovers.  They looked at cities with plenty of access to breakfast spots like diners, cafes, and doughnut shops. Also considered is quality and popularity by measuring consumer ratings, Google search interest, and the number of breakfast clubs, among 16 total metrics.

    Check out the 10 tastiest (and 10 worst) cities for breakfast lovers below, followed by key insights from the report. (Click here to see where your city ranks.)

    Best Cities for Breakfast Lovers

    Rank City
    1 New York, NY
    2 San Francisco, CA
    3 Chicago, IL
    4 Portland, OR
    5 Providence, RI
    6 Boston, MA
    7 Miami, FL
    8 Seattle, WA
    9 Minneapolis, MN
    10 Los Angeles, CA

    Worst Cities for Breakfast Lovers

    Rank City
    1 West Valley City, UT
    2 Fayetteville, NC
    3 Midland, TX
    4 Montgomery, AL
    5 Thornton, CO
    6 Joliet, IL
    7 Hampton, VA
    8 Columbus, OH
    9 Macon, GA
    10 Brownsville, TX

    Key insights:

    • Breakfast empire: Take a bite into The Big Apple, because New York is the best city for breakfast lovers. New Yorkers have a multitude of options for breakfast, from bodega sandwiches to bagels and fresh-baked pastries.

      Not only is breakfast easily accessible, but it is top Quality (No. 1). New York has many highly-rated breakfast vendors, a number of which are recognized in top breakfast lists. The city is also home to the most breakfast clubs and has the highest average monthly Google searches for breakfast-related keywords.

    • Big city appetites: Large populations mean plenty of hungry folks, so it’s no surprise that big cities like San Francisco (No. 2), Chicago (No. 3), and Boston (No. 6) sizzled to the top.

      San Francisco has the top Access to breakfast vendors, including the most cafes, bagel shops, and coffee shops per square mile. Boston isn’t far behind with a third-place rank in Access and the highest number of bakeries per square mile. There’s a smorgasbord of breakfast options in Chicago and Seattle (No. 8), too.

    • First-rate feasts: Bring out the beignets in New Orleans (No. 11), which has the largest share of highly-rated breakfast vendors. Charleston, South Carolina (No. 18) follows close behind, serving up mouthwatering Southern favorites in highly-rated cafes and gourmet eateries.

      Portland, Oregon (No. 4), Denver (No. 17), and Nashville, Tennessee (No. 19) fared well in Quality, too, with Portland bringing home silver in that category. Breakfast culture is big in Portland, which has the second-most breakfast clubs out of the cities in our ranking.

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