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    Schweid & Sons’ Annual Burger Report

    Schweid & Sons’ Annual Burger Report

    Schweid & Sons’  delivered their annual burger report and The Most Popular Burger in America is… For the second year in a row: THE BACON CHEESEBURGER!  Burger breakdown below, for your reference.

    Most Popular Burger In America*
    • Bun: Brioche Bun
    • Cheese: American Cheese
    • Veggies: Lettuce & Tomato
    • Protein: Bacon
    • Sauce: Ketchup
    • Weight: 8 Ounces
    • Classification: Angus
    • Meat Block: Chuck

    Upward Trending Ingredients*

    • Bun: Pretzel Bun
    • Cheese: Blue Cheese
    • Veggies: Red Onion & Onion Rings
    • Protein: Pulled Pork & Fried Egg
    • Sauce: Yellow Mustard
    • Weight: 6 Ounces
    • Classification: Antibiotic Free
    • Meat Block: Brisket

    Downward Trending Ingredients*

    • Bun: Kaiser Roll
    • Cheese: Jack Cheese
    • Veggies: White Onion & Jalapeño
    • Protein: Chili
    • Sauce: Aioli
    • Weight: 7 Ounces
    • Classification: Certified Angus Beef® brand
    • Meat Block: Sirloin

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