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    Qualities To Look For When Buying An Air Fryer

    Qualities To Look For When Buying An Air Fryer

    There is nothing that feels exciting other than having all the necessary kitchenware.

    One of the most popular kitchen appliances that every homeowner dreams of having are an air fryer. An air fryer helps with the cooking, baking, grilling, and frying of food by circulating hot air around. No oil is used in this case, making an air fryer a healthy appliance to own.

    Choosing the right air fryer for your home can prove difficult due to the many options the market offers.

    That’s why in this article, we shall proceed to explain the qualities you ought to look for when buying an air fryer.


    Smaller air fryers range between one and two liters. The medium ones can be between 1.8 liters to 2.5 liters, while the larger units can be up to five liters. The capacity you choose is dependent on the number of people in the family. For example, if you have a family of between four to five people, a 2-liter air fryer should be enough to get the job done.


    How much should one spend on a perfect air fryer? Well, the price tag is dependent on various factors. If you went through Air Fryer Market reviews, you would learn that good air fryers start selling from around £60. However, if you are looking for additional features, such as multiple compartments and control via an app, you should be willing to part with more cash. More often than not, cheaper models tend to deliver disappointing results. Therefore, you should always go for a brand that meets your budget and meets all your needs. Online reviews should help you juggle in between the many options offered in the market.


    Another critical factor to consider when shopping for an air fryer is wattage. It’s crucial to ensure that your kitchen outlet supports the watts consumption of your fryer. Most kitchen outlets can handle between 800 watts and 1500 watts. If you are using a standard air fryer, there is nothing to worry about as they will be supported. However, you should know that the more the watts, the higher the temperatures it will reach.

    Power Consumption

    Energy bills are notorious for taking a large share of peoples’ savings. If you don’t find ways to lower the energy bills, you may end up spending a massive sum of cash on unnecessary consumption. Therefore, when shopping for an air fryer, you should take some time to find one that doesn’t consume past your budget. On average, an air fryer with 1500 wattage can consume less than one unit per day. Therefore, if you cook using the appliance for about 30 minutes, the maximum electricity consumed will only be half a day. However, most air fryers take at most 15 minutes to get done with household cooking needs.

    Ability to Control the temperature

    Temperature control is also a must-consider factor when purchasing an air fryer. This is because being able to do so can have a decisive effect on getting the final result you want. Air fryers cook food well when the temperatures are taken past 400 degrees.

    With higher temperatures, it means that the food will be cooked more quickly. With a quick-cooking, it means that your baked goods won’t absorb much grease. Therefore, being in a position to regulate the temperature is an added advantage as you will always ensure that you have got the right temperature and hence a faster cooking process. An indicator of lights and an integrated timer also help much when they come in handy.

    Consider Safety

    Your safety should always come first. Therefore, when finding the right air fryer for your kitchen, you should ensure that it’s safe to use around. As per the experience, a perfect air fryer should be well-insulated. Additionally, it should have cool touch hand grips. With these features, it means that your hands don’t get burned while pulling the basket. It will also help much if you consider the base of the appliance. A safe fryer should have a non-slip base. With this, it means that the appliance won’t slip off while cooking, putting you at risk. Apart from the insulation and a non-slip bottom, don’t forget to choose a machine with an automatic shut-off. With this technology, you can help prevent over-cooking meals.

    Buying an air fryer is a perfect move. The appliance is considered a perfect way to enjoy healthy meals as it doesn’t require oil to cook. There are many features to look for when shopping for the right fryer, as highlighted in this article. By reading through the piece, your shopping will run smoothly.

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