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    Get Ready To Bake With Thea Bolstad

    Get Ready To Bake With Thea Bolstad

    After having spent many hours in the kitchen experimenting, Thea started her own baking blog when she was only 15 years old.

    The blog is now running on its sixth year and Thea has published three baking books. She continues to inspire people to take their time to bake from scratch by showing how easy it is, using step by step photos in the recipes.


    We interviewed Thea regarding her favorite inspirations and uprising to becoming a notable food influencer. 

    Where is home?

    I’m from Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. Currently, I’m based in Vienna in Austria. 

    What are your cooking inspirations?

    My great-grandmother is one of my main cooking and baking inspirations. She was a great cook and always had delicious cakes and dessert to serve when I came visiting. She also had so many great recipes that are loved by the family, and her specialties are always served for special occasions. I always use my great grandmother’s recipe when making caramel pudding and other traditional Norwegian desserts.

    What would be your dream destination regarding food?

    There are many places I would love to go and experience the food! On top of the list is India and Japan for sushi.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?

    I also love traveling and experiencing different cultures. When traveling I’m always so excited to try out new food and bakes from the country. That is such great inspiration to me. I love to collect recipes and try them out when I get back home. For example, I was inspired to make “Welsh cakes” and “Crumpets” after living in Wales.

    Could you tell the audience more about your experience with branding?

    I’ve done quite a few collaborations with brands and enjoy to create content together with them, that gives value to my followers. For example, baking directing on Snapchat is something I’ve done several times, that I find my followers enjoy watching and get inspired by.

    What’s your biggest failure ever in the kitchen?

    Since I started baking I’ve had many failures, all from killing the yeast to forgetting to add sugar to the cake. But my so far biggest failure must be when I was making brioche a few years ago. I had the machine on high speed on the kitchen bench, while I was reloading the dishwasher. Suddenly I just heard a loud crack, and there the machine was spinning on the floor with my dough.

    Apparently, the machine had been moving over the edge while going on high speed. Since then I always keep an eye out for my kitchen machine when making brioche.

    It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.

    Follow Thea’s journey!

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