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    3 Ways For Music Lovers To Protect Their Ears

    3 Ways For Music Lovers To Protect Their Ears

    Music has always been one of the most cherished art forms in modern society.

    People have been making music since before there were instruments; singing and playing music in groups is a hugely important thing in different religions, communities, and families alike. In 2021, music is more accessible than ever before. At the touch of your smartphone screen, you have access to any and all recorded music from the last few hundred years. We listen to music in the car, while walking or jogging, while enjoying our hobbies, and even just while working!

    One thing that we need to wise up on in 2021 is protecting our ears from damage. If you love music and listen to it for many hours of the day, you need to take certain steps to protect your ears from damage. Once hearing loss sets in it is impossible to cure, preventative care is the best way forward.

    Here are 3 easy ways for music lovers to protect their ears.

    Wear earplugs to concerts and club nights.

    Earplugs are often only used by people who want to sleep better in city homes or have construction going on outside their place of work. Essentially, they are used by those who want to block out unwanted noise from the outside world.

    Despite their regular use, earplugs are also fantastic for protecting your ears at loud events such as concerts and club nights. Attending these kinds of events regularly without ear protection is a surefire way to damage your ears, increasing the risk of you developing hearing loss more quickly.

    As we mentioned earlier, hearing loss doesn’t get better once it’s there – unless it is caused by an infection or something else temporary. Make sure you invest in some comfortable earplugs and wear them if you are attending a super loud event.

    Invest in over-the-ear headphones with volume control.

    If you love listening to music on the go and while you’re working out, it’s a good idea to invest in over-ear headphones. Disclaimer: listening to music on full volume using high-quality over-ear headphones is still going to damage your ears over time!

    Nevertheless, over-the-ear headphones can be better for your hearing health overall, simply because they aren’t fed directly into your ear canal. Smaller, molded headphones push sound directly into your eardrum which can damage it over time. Over-the-ear headphones have more of a balanced way of producing sound, making them healthier for you.

    Give your ears a break!

    Simply put, your ears need a break sometimes. If you listen to super loud music most days, you should carve out time in your days and weeks to have silence in your space. Your ears need a rest from the deluge of sound that is hitting them all the time, which will reduce the chance of you experiencing hearing loss in the near future.

    Overall, loving music doesn’t mean you should be careless about your ears. Use this guide to help protect your ears from damage!

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