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    4 Modern Day Artists Who Use Their Music To Speak On Real-World Issues

    4 Modern Day Artists Who Use Their Music To Speak On Real-World Issues

    In the midst of the chaos, these artists are using their platforms and music to speak out on societal issues.

    To kick off the start of Black History Month, we’re highlighting black artists who actively use their platform to draw attention to crucial issues. Whether speaking out about police brutality, mental health, or political injustices, these artists have been known to talk and sing about issues globally, for decades.

    With the current uptick of publically known grievances, more artists are explicitly drawing attention to what is going on in the world. To honor these artists, check out their platforms and their music!

    Here are 4 artists who are sparking conversations on critical world problems:

    1. Vic Mensa

    For years now, Vic Mensa has been known to be one of the most revolutionary-minded rappers in the game. Doubling as both an artist and activist, Mensa constantly uses his voice to speak out on global issues. In the past, he has spoken out against police brutality, gun violence, Palestinian genocide, as well as countless other issues. His singles “No More Teardrops”, “We Could Be Free”, and “16 Shots” are a few of many addressing the issue of police brutality. Currently, he is giving back to his roots by using his platform to address the lack of fresh water in parts of Ghana.

    2. Anderson. Paak

    It is no secret that Anderson. Paak is vocal about his feelings toward real-world issues. One of his staple activist moments occurred in 2020 when he released the music video for his hit single, “Lockdown”. From its lyrics to the music video visuals, his song paints a clear picture of the multitude of issues Americans, especially minorities, are facing. In addition to raising awareness of police brutality, .Paak has also been very outspoken on the issue of homelessness — one talking point he addressed during Atlanta’s 2019 benefit concert. He has also worked with the International Rescue Committee to help refugees and immigrants gain access to essential resources and an adequate living environment.

    3. Blood Orange

    In recent years, Blood Orange has made a huge shift to music activism. Instead of focusing on how to accumulate the maximum amount of streams possible, Blood Orange is focused on getting critical messages across. In 2018, he released the album, Negrow Swan, which featured a variety of songs speaking on imperative matters. For the cover of the album, he brought transgender and non-binary individuals to show visibility for his community. One of his hits from the album, Charcoal Baby, discusses race, identity, and mental health issues. Most of his other singles on the album shed light on his experiences as a Black and queer individual.

    4.  Janelle Monáe

    Janelle Monáe has been a strong voice for black individuals throughout the majority of her career. In 2015, she established Wondaland Arts Society to diversify artistic industries and in 2016, she also played a supporting role in the film Moonlight, which discusses the hardships surrounding sexuality and identity. More recently, in 2021, Monáe partnered with 15 black artists and activists for ‘Say Her Name’ protest anthem, which shed light on the untold traumatic experiences black women have endured. In addition to being outspoken about these issues, Monáe won the Suicide Prevention Advocate of the Year Award last year.

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