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    A Girl Named Jaen Announces New Single: We Are The Chorus

    A Girl Named Jaen Announces New Single: We Are The Chorus

    Writer and popternative artist, a girl named jaen has announced the upcoming release of her new single, ‘We Are The Chorus.

    ‘We Are The Chorus’ aspires to inspire you to stand up, show up, and make an impact.

    “When did you first feel it; that growing tension, the shift from comfortable and “normal” to uncomfortable and not normal at all?,” a girl named jaen asks. “We all think we won’t get desensitized, but it happens over time and then something shakes us and we either react, make a change or the change makes us. The last four years has shown, more than ever, that we need to stay together, to research, to listen, to stay awake, to rise again and keep rising like those who came before us.”
    a girl named jaen —also known as agnj,— was inspired by all the past, and especially present movements, wherein we, the people, organize and effect change.
    agnj continues to feel like she must do her part, and like her single Resist,’ which was released before the 2016 midterms election, she wrote ‘We Are The Chorus’ as another battle cry.
    “I want this to inspire others the way I’ve been inspired, to get out there where you can, to never give up the fight for causes that we feel passionate about, and to realize that our voice matters and collectively is so powerful,” she says.
    agnj’s popternative song, ‘We Are The Chorus,’ produced by Dennis Coronel and co-Produced by agnj, takes you on a journey with the musical soundscape having been inspired by its serious and poignant lyric. The attention grabbing, loud knock at the door and juxtaposing whispered intro makes you want to know what comes next. The deftly written verse moves quickly into a head bopping pre-chorus to a halftime, and then danceable march-like cadence before surrounding the listener with richly stacked vocals chanting the familiar “no justice, no peace”.
    ‘We Are The Chorus’ builds intensity, leading up to a haunting bridge release which harkens to social movements past and present reminding the listener that, “We’re just getting started”, only to be disrupted by a quick peppering of words warning, “Don’t get it twisted.”
    A portion of net proceeds from the downloads and streams of ‘We Are The Chorus’ from agnj’s website or your favorite platforms will be donated to organizations that care about making sure that all our votes matter, and about environmental causes.
    Listen to ‘We Are The Chorus’ on your preferred plaftforms as soon as tomorrow.

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