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    Acclaimed Soul-Pop Singer Jenny JAM Releases New Single: My Letter To You

    Acclaimed Soul-Pop Singer Jenny JAM Releases New Single: My Letter To You

    There is an upcoming new single and visuals from London-born Jenny JAM entitled “My Letter To You.”

    The song “is a ballad about a response to an unexpected, hurtful letter sent by my late father, before he passed away from lung cancer in 2014.
    I wrote to him from London (where I was living at the time) but he died before he was able to properly read it and I never heard back.

    During the lockdown, I decided to make it into a song and film the music video across the US from Los Angeles to Florida, to portray the journey of my letter sent across many miles.
    The lyrics depict the hurtful, unexpected words written to me and my strength to overcome the pain, describing the words I wish I could send him from where I now live, Los Angeles,” confides the songwriter.
    The track and video will also be released in conjunction with an NFT which is going to be displayed at NFT Week in New York.


    The NFT is a luxury piece with only three created by Oscar, Academy Award, and Golden Globe Winning artist Tyquane Wright (Spider Man-Into The Spider-Verse).

    Jenny JAM is a London-born, Los Angeles-based soul-pop singer/songwriter whose music aims to encourage others to always believe in themselves even when times get tough. Her thought-provoking and sincere songwriting allow listeners to connect to her music, delivering an authentic message that has been captivating audiences across the globe.

    With a background in musical theatre, acting, and modeling, Jenny utilizes her dynamic singing talents and experiences to craft her own unique and genuine music. Inspired to write after a series of traumatic events, Jenny used writing as a form of release, wanting others to hear her story and learn from her experiences and mistakes. The overall theme of her music highlights turning negatives into positives.

    The musician explains, “You can always take the positive out of the worst of experiences, as there is always a lesson – no matter how big the price to pay is”.

    Jenny draws from a panorama of influences ranging from jazz, soul, and blues, to the classic 60’s rock bands including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac.

    Jenny reveals, “Amy Winehouse’s real and deeply honest lyrics mixed with her classic 60’s style jazz, has definitely made me feel that as an artist I can be freer to express who I really am, in the style I really want”.

    Jenny JAM has acted in many notable films and programs under the name ‘Jennifer Moxham’ alongside renowned actors and actresses. Through her music, Jenny JAM paints a dark picture of how life can be, but the message is always the same; the importance of always believing in yourself.

    Stay up to date with Jenny JAM by following her socials for news about upcoming releases & more.

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