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    A!ms Joins Forces With Award-Winning UK Artists On Breakout Record: Honor

    A!ms Joins Forces With Award-Winning UK Artists On Breakout Record: Honor

    In a sensational international link-up, multi-platinum, award-winning rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur A!MS enlists, and super-producers Cool & Dre for breakout record “Honor.”

    Echoes of afro-swing, Caribbean progressions, and melodic rap chords lay at the heart of “Honor” as it sits effortlessly on the hip-hop spectrum, capturing the diverse and culturally rich melting-point of London within its fabric.

    Teamed alongside a daring visual that sees a London City heist take place, the artists brave their way through the capital’s streets with high-speed chases and helicopters in hot pursuit, as they battle for “Honor.” Boasting an exceptional hook, passionate lyricism, and a wave of global accents, it is the mutual respect and international currency of “Honor” that is celebrated in this masterpiece of a single.

    Produced by Grammy-nominated Cool & Dre, “Honor” features the duo’s Midas touch, which has been responsible for millions of sales and hits from the rap world’s elite, including DJ Khaled’s recent gold-selling album, Khaled Khaled.

    Opening the record, emerging UK artist AV Allure delivers a soulful, powerhouse hook that binds together the verses that follow. A!MS offers the first verse with gusto as he lays down his bars with determined strength and confidence, setting a tone of integrity and distinction. Drawing on the island vibes, Grammy award-winning reggae artist Julian Marley blesses the record with his spirituality bringing good intention, love, and freedom to the record, whilst Jamaica’s hottest, rising, dancehall star, Projexx, delivers the perfect accompaniment in his patois, soulful flow.

    Renowned for his rap anthems including “Supreme,” “Run,” and “Diablo,” A!MS is an internationally acclaimed rapper, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur from the UK who has built an extensive career that houses over 50 million YouTube views and 20 million Spotify streams. Through the vehicle of lyricism and visual art, A!MS tells vivid accounts of his own realities that are rooted deeply within the family, respect, morals, and a flamboyant lifestyle that isn’t for the faint-hearted. With close connections to Cyprus, the Mediterranean culture, and the jet-set lifestyle, adopted by so many of the modern world’s stars, his entrepreneurial flair places him central to the music and entertainment business across the globe. Over the course of his career, A!MS has worked and introduced uncountable artists, including the likes of Afro B, The Game, Cool & Dre, and many more.

    Making worldwide connections, A!MS independently and effortlessly slots together styles, vibes, and some of music’s MVPs for his latest single. Both revolutionary and visionary in his business acumen and musical capability, “Honor” signifies the evolution of A!MS and opens the floodgates on a whole new wave.

    Stream “Honor”on your preferred platform now.

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