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    BABA T Releases Melodic Rap-Infused Hip-Hop EP: Know Me

    BABA T Releases Melodic Rap-Infused Hip-Hop EP: Know Me

    BABA T makes his mark on the Australian hip-hop rap scene with the release of his debut EP “Know Me”, featuring smooth melodies and US-influenced rap that is set to take him to international waters.

    “Know Me” follows the release of his latest video “Blue Cheese”, filmed by The Last Addition (Chillin It, Skrub).

    An Aboriginal-African-Austrian artist who has lived in Fiji, New Zealand and New York, BABA T – known to family and friends as Tunde – makes music that is layered with influence and is evocative of the likes of Juice WrldLil Baby and the A$AP family.

    “Know Me” is a collection of songs that could be described as emotional rap. The EP sees the Sydney-based artist write with his heart truly on his sleeve, dealing with heartbreak, love navigating through friends who turn out to be acquaintances with ulterior motives.

    “Recording this EP was almost therapeutic to me. I was able to express how I felt about certain situations that I went through in the past in a way that I wanted to and in a way that felt most natural to me,” he shares.

    “While dealing with heartbreak, I definitely turned to music as a way to make me feel better, not only recording my own music but listening to other artists who have been through similar circumstances. Empty was one of the last songs I recorded for the EP and that came after I started getting myself back out there and meeting new people.”

    “I came home from a date one night and just recorded the hook for empty because the date made me realise how hard it can be getting to know someone after falling in Love with someone else and having it end.”

    Tunde’s artist project BABA T was developed from a lifelong love affair with music, having grown up with musical incidence from his mother’s love of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, DMX and Nelly.

    “Ever since I was a kid I had a dream of becoming a rapper and touring the world. The EP cover is literally a photo of me when I was a little kid with a microphone and a guitar pretending to sing.”

    Tunde went to uni to study with a dream of becoming a record label lawyer. In 2019 he started a business with a friend called Section Downunder – a platform to host artist interviews, shoot music videos, and music promotion. From here he met a group of creatives who nurtured his musical side.

    “I built up a connection with a lot of local artists and people would always tell me that I should make music but I never knew how to get started. In mid 2019 I met some people who are now close mates of mine who are all artists/ producers themselves and they gave me that last little push I needed to actually start rapping.”

    The lyrics of the opening track “Tell Me” say it all…

    “I’m just tryna’ make it for my mamma and my family.”

    “Know Me” is out now.

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    BABA T Releases Melo…

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