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    BROOKLXN Releases Empowering New Single: Thirsty

    BROOKLXN Releases Empowering New Single: Thirsty

    After going out to a bunch of bars last summer and noticing how some men think that they have women under their spell, artist BROOKLXN decided to write her new track “Thirsty“.

    This song is all about making a man work hard to get a woman, instead of just treating a woman as just a fun time.

    Thirsty” is about showing a man who is boss and who makes the rules. BROOKLXN believes that a man should treat a woman like a queen. He needs to show respect before she decides to take another step further into a relationship. Women are so much more than objects!

    The track was recorded at Toronto’s Iguana Studios during Stage 2 of COVID, so they had to be very cautious, but nonetheless, there were great vibes in the room. “Thirsty” is a night club obstacle course in a song.

    The song empowers women to set higher expectations so they’re treated the way they deserve to be treated.

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    BROOKLXN Releases Em…

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