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    Check Out These 4 Spotify-Charting Artists & Their Hit Singles For January

    Check Out These 4 Spotify-Charting Artists & Their Hit Singles For January

    Spotify’s Top 50 Trending Hits 2023 playlist features a variety of artists who are already making massive waves this year.

    This playlist features new global-charting hits within a variety of genres including hip-hop, pop, and many more. With this playlist, your year will be filled with songs that will electrify your soul. To kick off the start of the year, we compiled a list of artists and their top-charting songs.

    Here are 4 artists who have charted during the month of January:

    1. Central Cee – Doja

    British rapper and songwriter Central Cee accumulated massive amounts of streams in 2022 with a few of his hit songs, including “Doja”. Now, in 2023, “Doja” is still at the top of the charts with over 300 million streams on Spotify. The song also blew up on Tiktok, becoming one of the most used sounds. Start your year off right by taking a listen to Central Cee.

    2. Jax Jones – Where Did You Go? (feat. MNEK)

    English DJ, songwriter, record producer, and mixer Jax Jones hit music platforms hard with the release of “Where Did You Go?” Amongst his other hits, this hit single ranked high on Spotify, with over 200 million plays. The song features a pop electronic melody that will run laps in your head. It is the perfect jam to blast in your car while driving with the windows down and the sunroof open.

    3.  Latto – Big Energy

    Hip-hop hit artist Latto is one to watch this year. Although released in 2021, her single “Big Energy” is still slamming the charts. This intoxicating song will triple your confidence levels. Add this song to your playlist for the mood boost of a lifetime.

    4. Coi Leray – Players

    Singer and rapper Coi Leray has proved herself to be one of the hottest artists of 2022. In 2023, her single “Players “ is still topping playlists, accumulating a hefty 21 million streams on Spotify. The song incorporates a funk-based beat with hard-hitting flows, making it the perfect empowering single for women.

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