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    Dawson Fuss Pairs Sublime Vocals With A Captivating Instrumental In “Hollywood Heartbreak”

    Dawson Fuss Pairs Sublime Vocals With A Captivating Instrumental In “Hollywood Heartbreak”

    Dawson Fuss Releases Heartbreak Anthem “Hollywood Heartbreak,” Emerging Indie-Pop Artist Gets Real About Unrealistic Expectations About Love.

    Singer-songwriter, Dawson Fuss, has just released his ardent new single “Hollywood Heartbreak.”

    Growing up watching movies with unrealistic portrayals of love, “Hollywood Heartbreak” paints a picture of false perceptions people have when it’s their time to experience love.

    “The track is inspired by the vintage Hollywood film noir movies and modern films that often portray romance unrealistically, yet as a society, we see that as the blueprint,” explains Dawson.

    “Hollywood Heartbreak” is now available to stream and download worldwide.

    The California-native sets the perfect stage for “Hollywood Heartbreak,” making it the next upbeat heartbreak anthem for listeners through playful, emotive beats and pop-driven vocals. With today’s dating scene, and after being locked down for a year watching movies on repeat, people look up to movie romance now more than ever.

    However, when reality checks in, and that’s not the accurate picture, heartbreak kicks in. “Because my love life was not like the movies I was watching. I got a little sad and realized that although essentially impossible, I would love to have a taste of what that kind of picture-perfect love life would be like,” states Dawson. The soft, electric guitar strokes combined with Dawson’s soothing vocals cradle listeners in a cocoon of compassion and ambiance.

    Growing up in Santa Barbara, Dawson Fuss began starring in local musical productions and other theatre programs at the early age of five. This inspired him to pursue a music career where he could transform emotions into lyrics through the art of songwriting. Since then, his passion for music has only continued to grow, performing at his school in two choirs and most recently placing in the top-three local competition Teen Star Santa Barbara, which American Idol’s Randy Jackson judged. When Dawson isn’t creating music, he’s exploring other art mediums that he’s passionate about, including photography and cinematography.

    “Hollywood Heartbreak” ultimately encourages listeners to hold on to that glimmer of hope that movie-like romance still exists. “Hollywood Heartbreak” is now on digital music platforms worldwide. To follow Dawson Fuss’s musical journey, follow him on Instagram @DawsonFuss.

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