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    Famed TV Star Julius Cowdrey Stunning Double Release

    Famed TV Star Julius Cowdrey Stunning Double Release

    Julius Cowdrey is a British singer/songwriter from Kent, England.

    Despite coming from a famous sporting background where his father and grandfather both captained the England cricket team, Julius discovered his talent and love for music at a very young age. Whilst singing in school choirs and concerts, Cowdrey quickly immersed himself into his passion.

    Cowdrey is known also for his role as one of the star performers in award-winning reality TV series Made In Chelsea, but eventually left the show to focus on his true ambition.  He has since been making a name for himself as an artist. Inspired by the likes of Elton John, Coldplay and James Blake, Cowdrey is following the legacy of British talent.

    Cowdrey’s new releases mirror genuine moments of love and loss. Both singles narrate a difficult time in his life and express the feelings of being let down by the ones you love and trust the most. The songs contradict the theme of the music, turning into positive and uplifting anthems.
    Cowdrey confides,
    “I have been heartbroken not just by the music industry but also by the girl I thought was the love of my life and I am proud to say I have come out on the other side a stronger and more mature individual.”
    The songwriter hopes that his music will remind others that when times get hard, they are not alone.

    ‘If This Is Love Then I Must Hate You’ was produced by Benji Totten (Jorja Smith, Kate Stewart, Sasha Keable) and co-written with Jack Hawitt (Zak Abel, Karen Harding, Blue, Embody). The single is the result of not wanting to write another song about a girl. Disguised as a story of heartbreak, the track eludes to the music industry and the sharks that swim in the muddy waters.  The stunning, emotionally charged track highlights passionate vocals, introspective lyrics and glowing percussion.
    “I never expected it to happen, but I got cheated on. I lived trusting her every action and without my knowing I became victim to huge disloyalty.” Showing his disbelief he sings, “I guess angels can walk on the dark side.”
    Splitting his time between London and Los Angeles, Cowdrey has performed at prestigious venues around the world, including the legendary Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and London’s famous nightclub, Mahiki. The musician has seen success with his first single ‘7 Roads (I See You)’ going straight to No.1 in the iTunes singer/songwriter charts and amassing over one million streams on Spotify alone.

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