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    Gavin Haley Debuts “Show Me” With New Music Video

    Gavin Haley Debuts “Show Me” With New Music Video

    Emerging indie-pop singer and accomplished songwriter Gavin Haley released his second single “Show Me” on July 12th.

    The official music video directed by ​Carla Dauden​ showcases Gavin Haley alongside “America’s Next Top Model” star ​Cherish Waters​ in an emotionally-charged world of young love, providing the perfect complement to the impassioned record.


    Gavin’s start in the music industry has been anything but traditional. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky as one of seven siblings, Gavin spent most of his childhood and adolescence as a pro-cyclist. After an unfortunate cycling injury left him unable to compete, Gavin started diving into his love for music, eventually uncovering a drive to create his own music. In 2016, the 22-year-old singer moved to Los Angeles and has since written over 300+ songs, releasing multiple songs independently and most recently signed to Red Bull Records where he is slated to release an EP in fall 2019.

    Gavin is just as much a storyteller as he is a musician. He wears his heart on his sleeve with his songs revealing raw emotion both lyrically and melodically. The new single “Show Me” is a follow-up to Gavin’s recent heartfelt song “96​” and adds to his ever-growing repertoire of indie-pop songs.

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