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    Go Behind-The-Scenes With Talia Londoner On The Set Of ‘Get It Out’

    Go Behind-The-Scenes With Talia Londoner On The Set Of ‘Get It Out’

    The “vibrant, retro-pop” single will be featured on Londoner’s debut EP, out this fall.

    Talia Londoner calls the making of “Get It Out” the “hardest and best experience of my life to date,” and looking at the behind-the-scenes footage, it’s easy to see why.

    With a set designed by famed Penthouse photographer Hank Londoner, additional design by prima ballerina Susan Londoner, choreography by Reut Weinberger – and featuring six highly skilled local dancers, selected after an open casting call – the “Get It Out” video shoot has all of the qualities of a Hollywood movie set.

    But with fiancé Boaz Aquino behind the camera, it was also a complete family affair, and that tight-knit energy permeated every aspect of the shoot.

    “I’ve been doing this a long time, and throughout the years, I’ve learned a lot about myself through my work and my writing,” says Londoner. “One of the main things I learned to accept, and that I think is extremely important, is to acknowledge that I never quite knew how to ask for help, or maybe I was too embarrassed to ask for help.

    The belief that something wouldn’t be as good or authentic if I didn’t do everything by myself. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Having my parents and my fiancé as collaborators on this video was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I consider myself lucky.

    It’s not often that people can say they’ve worked so closely, and so well, with their families, and in most cases, combining family with business is tricky. But the ‘Get It Out’ video would have never come out as good, as professional, and as beautiful as it did if I worked with anyone else. I’m so grateful for that.”

    “Get It Out” is the first taste of Londoner’s euphoric musical sound, destined to place her among the next generation of pop stars. Combining the vibrant feminist visuals of early Madonna and the classic emotional style of Katy Perry, Robyn, and Kylie Minogue, “Get It Out” takes listeners back to the anthemic, party pop of the 1980s.

    ‘Get It Out’ is a love letter to myself and to you,” adds Londoner. “It’s an uplifting, 80-inspired self-love anthem about letting go and feeling your way to freedom.”

    Talia’s style and aesthetic were shaped by a uniquely colorful background, growing up in an iconic LA home commonly referred to as “the Dollhouse.” Boasting a bright yellow facade and an unmissable red door, each room surprised guests with a different color and floral textured wallpaper, creating a bright whimsical environment for the aspiring creative, and for the host of colorful characters who came through its doors each day. The dollhouse is the birthplace of Talia’s bold and honest approach; it’s where she learned that truth and a willingness to reveal all of your colors can be a glue that brings people together.

    Transplanting from LA to Tel Aviv in 2013, Londoner found herself in high demand as a songwriter, collaborating with prominent groups like UK’s Invisible Men, Simon Cowell’s former head of A&R Anya Jones, Cutfather, and Israeli producer Oren Emanuel. After making it to the Top 10 on The Voice, she toured the country and saw numerous radio hits with the Israeli electro-pop outfit, Let’s Mars.

    The release of “Get It Out” marks Londoner’s return to the US after a whirlwind trip abroad, and the birth of her unique brand of timeless pop that she hopes will unite and inspire.

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    • Yuriko
      November 14, 2022

      I am a big fan of Talia

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