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    Meshell Ndegeocello Releases Vibrant New Single Featuring Thandiswa & Joel Ross: Vuma

    Meshell Ndegeocello Releases Vibrant New Single Featuring Thandiswa & Joel Ross: Vuma

    Ndegeocello makes her blue note debut with June 16 release of her visionary new album, “The Omnichord Real Book.”

    Meshell Ndegeocello has released the vibrant new single “Vuma,” a propulsive ode to the power of the human voice featuring the remarkable South African vocalist Thandiswa and jazz mallet master Joel Ross who is heard here on marimba. An acclaimed GRAMMY-winning multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Ndegeocello makes her Blue Note Records debut with the June 16 release of The Omnichord Real Book, a visionary and deeply jazz-influenced album that taps into a broad spectrum of her musical roots.

    The Omnichord Real Book was produced by Josh Johnson and features a wide range of guest artists including Jason Moran, Ambrose Akinmusire, Jeff Parker, Brandee Younger, Julius Rodriguez, Mark Guiliana, Cory Henry, Joan As Police Woman, and others. The album was introduced last month with the expansive lead single “Virgo,” and is available for pre-order on Blue Note Store exclusive color vinyl, black vinyl, CD, and digital.

    “This album is about the way we see old things in new ways. Everything moved so quickly when my parents died. Changed my view of everything and myself in the blink of an eye. As I sifted through the remains of their life together, I found my first Real Book, the one my father gave me. I took their records, the ones I grew up hearing, learning, remembering. My mother gifted me with her ache, I carry the melancholy that defined her experience and, in turn, my experience of this thing called life calls me to disappear into my imagination and to hear the music,” Meshell explains.

    The track listing for The Omnichord Real Book is as follows:

    1. Georgia Ave (feat. Josh Johnson)

    2. An Invitation

    3. Call The Tune

    4. Good Good (feat. Jade Hicks, Josh Johnson)

    5. Omnipuss

    6. Clear Water (feat. Deantoni Parks, Jeff Parker, Sanford Biggers)

    7. ASR (feat. Jeff Parker)

    8. Gatsby (feat. Cory Henry, Joan As Police Woman)

    9. Towers (feat. Joel Ross)

    10. Perceptions (feat. Jason Moran)

    11. THA KING (feat. Thandiswa)

    12. Virgo (feat. Brandee Younger, Julius Rodriguez)

    13. Burn Progression (feat. Hanna Benn, Ambrose Akinmusire)

    14. oneelevensixteen

    15. Vuma (feat. Thandiswa, Joel Ross)

    16. The 5th Dimension (feat. The Hawtplates)

    17. Hole In The Bucket (feat. The Hawtplates)

    18. Virgo 3 (feat. Oliver Lake (Arr.), Mark Guiliana, Brandee Younger, Josh Johnson)

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