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    Multi-Platinum Intl. Artist Dennis Lloyd Announces Debut Album Via Arista/Sony

    Multi-Platinum Intl. Artist Dennis Lloyd Announces Debut Album Via Arista/Sony

    Multi-Platinum International Artist Dennis Lloyd Announces Debut Full-Length Album Some Days, out July 2nd via Arista Records/Sony Music Entertainment.

    Listen to lead single “The Way,” produced by Kygo and Dennis Lloyd. Pre-order Some Days here.

    Following the overnight success of his smash single Nevermind and a tumultuous two-year period marked by litigation, exhaustion, and a self-prescribed break from the road, the multi-platinum international artist Dennis Lloyd is returning in full-form, reflecting on the highs and lows of his roller coaster journey with his debut full-length album, Some Days, out July 2nd via Arista Records / Sony Music Entertainment.

    Some Days finds Dennis exploring his deepest questions, narrating his story through the time of “Nevermind” to his present life, as he searches for his true purpose.

    “This album is about my journey,” Dennis explains. “It’s about my doubts and fears – questions everybody asks themselves. Am I just a kid from Tel Aviv, or an artist who travels the world? This album is about finding the way that I want to live my life.”

    The announcement of Some Days follows the release of “The Way,” Dennis’ dynamic new single that marries a driving beat with a reflective message about balancing success and simplicity. Produced by Kygo and Dennis, the song was written in a posh Las Vegas studio, but finished while exploring the wilderness in the Columbia jungle, a surreal contrast that perfectly illustrates the disorientating experience of Dennis’ last few years and that served as inspiration for the rest of the album.

    “My life has changed dramatically since ‘Nevermind’ blew up everywhere,” Dennis adds.

    “The last tour I had back in 2019 broke something inside of me. I had to take some time off and heal. I finally had the time to process the past 5 years of my life, ask myself the toughest questions and deal with my deepest feelings and thoughts. I hope my music can help you heal and find the answers you’re looking for.”

    A consummate rebel in the vein of iconoclasts like The Weeknd, Lloyd grew up in Tel Aviv enamored by the sound of the trumpet – its dominance, strength, power, and beauty. Inspired by artists like Audioslave and Linkin Park, he was encouraged by his teacher to attend the music school Thelma Yellin, where he reached a new level of artistry and creativity, and at 22-years-old he traveled to a remote corner of Thailand to find his musical voice—a swelteringly hybrid of pop, hip-hop, and rock.

    He fell into a relationship that didn’t last, but it formed the inspiration for his breakout single, “Nevermind,” a smoldering proclamation of commitment and desire guided by a finger-snapping beat and mellow guitar strums. The song sparked a rush of worldwide passion, rising on European and American radio charts. But the traps of the music industry became stifling for Lloyd, and after a whirlwind tour of the world that included stops at Coachella, Governor’s Ball, and Firefly Festival and saw his catalog surpass one billion streams, he took a much-needed break from the road to rediscover himself and his goals as an artist.

    Now, with his husky voice and innovative style that “creatively blends the elements of pop, R&B, rock, and reggae, breaking global boundaries in addition to crossing them” (Forbes), Dennis returns for his debut album having perfected a post-genre sound that’s both brutally honest and infectiously laidback. Dennis anchors his tracks with looping hooks and heady beats, letting his passions and frustrations show through with soulful cries, melancholy chords, and unvarnished lyrics.

    He’s an innovative arranger and producer with a gift for exploring texture and atmosphere—and even at his lowest moments, he can lift the mood with a jazzy trumpet solo. Throughout ‘Some Days,’ Dennis recounts his life changing so dramatically following his newfound success. The aching croons, looping grooves, and jazzy trumpet emphasize feelings of raw yearning, while his lyrics show a balladeer torn between breaking away from his love or doubling down at all costs.

    Dennis will celebrate the release of ‘Some Days’ with two sold out concerts at Tel Aviv’s 16,000 seat Menora Mivtachim Arena on July 1 and 3. The July 3rd performance will be livestreamed for fans across the world, with a rebroadcast scheduled for July 8th. For details visit

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