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    Sandy Hsu Invites Us On Her Journey of Self-Discovery With Slow-Burning Track: Limbo

    Sandy Hsu Invites Us On Her Journey of Self-Discovery With Slow-Burning Track: Limbo

    Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist, Sandy Hsu unveils the music video for her single, Limbo today.

    Premiered via Frankie Magazine, the video was shot by VCA 3rd year student, Madeleine Mytkowski in various locations across NSW – Bowral, Bronte Beach, Blue Mountains, and Maddie’s home in Abbostford. This is the first music video Sandy has ever released and it was all edited by Sandy herself.

    Spending the past couple of years diving into academia, Sandy has been biding her time; giving herself space to step away from preconceived understandings of her identity whilst redefining herself from an artistic and personal viewpoint. The result of this period of introspection comes in the form of her single, Limbo.

    “I had spent most of my adolescence in a deep depression and was rather tethered to it. At that time I completed writing Limbo, I could finally admit to myself that I wanted to be well, but I was also terrified of that idea and who I would become if I was.”

    The song was written in parts, pieced together over a period of time. Starting out as a guitar driven track, Sandy was approached after a live performance by Australian Women in Music Awards (AWMA) nominee Becki Whitton/ Aphir (Huntly, Essie Holt) who co-produced and engineered this track, contributing to the final arrangement of Limbo.

    “I knew that song was personal to her too, which made me feel very lucky and excited to work with her. She never made me feel insecure about wanting to produce a sound that I would describe as ‘blue and falling really fast backwards off a rock face but in slow motion’ or something else bizarre.”

    Their collaboration resulted in an immersive listening expedition fulfilling Sandy’s hopes and vision for this track. Personal insights written into lyrics that catch you off guard, mixed with expansive ambient pop melodies that feel like a dream. Limbo invites listeners to move beyond their personal understanding of the self and encourages all of us to soak in the infinite possibilities of life as daunting as it may feel.

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    Sandy Hsu Invites Us…

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