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    Toronto Indie Band Ketch Harbour Wolves Release New Single: Exodus

    Toronto Indie Band Ketch Harbour Wolves Release New Single: Exodus

    Exodus” was written after an early spring walk in Toronto’s mysterious Don Valley – one of the group’s favorite places and one of few that still feels somewhat haunted.

    They saw no one that day but the leafless trees afforded little cover for traces of human occupation.

    The song, with its slow atmospheric build and somber lyrics, is a reflection on a city undergoing massive change: influxes and exoduses; appropriations and dispossessions, caused by intentions that range from the benevolent to the unkind.

    A love letter to a city that is becoming unrecognizable to itself, set against the promise and melancholy of spring. The sonic textures aim to capture something of the scale and beauty of the valley in the area below the Bloor Viaduct. – Jonathan Tyrrell

    Went out drifting eastbound on the viaduct in the rain,

    High above the valley in the belly of a train,

    Now I’m standing still on Dundas, the sun in my eyes,

    I am faithless anonymous as the exodus passes by

    The group’s new full-length album AVALON coming July 10th explores Toronto’s psychogeography through themes of social upheaval, love and loss, economic collapse, exile, and mid-life crisis.

    Ketch Harbour Wolves

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