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    2 Pieces Of Tech You Need For Your Bedroom And 2 You Don’t

    2 Pieces Of Tech You Need For Your Bedroom And 2 You Don’t

    Have you ever stopped and wondered what you should be using in your bedroom and what you shouldn’t?

    Well, take a look at the guide below for some tips and advice on what will benefit you in the bedroom and what will hinder your chances of sleep.


    Automated Blinds

    The first type of tech that you should consider adding to your bedroom is a set of automated blinds. Automated blinds can be set to rise and fall at certain times throughout the day. So, for instance, you can ensure that your blinds rise just a few minutes before it’s time to get up. This is far better than being disturbed by a nasty, irritating alarm clock. Automated blinds can also be set to close without you even needing to think about it. This will make your sleep routine more of a subconscious habit. Eventually, it will stop you from wasting hours lying in bed trying to fall asleep.

    Cool Air Purifying Fan

    There’s no doubt anymore that the world is getting hotter and things are only going to get direr over the next few years. As such, it’s essential that you have a way to keep your bedroom cool. If you don’t then you’re in for some long, sleepless nights. That’s why you should think about investing in a high-quality fan. The best fans have cooling technology so you’re not just wafting hot air around the room. You can also get fans that include purifying tech. That’s important as studies have shown that indoor environments are far more polluted compared to the outside world.


    Your Phone

    When it comes to your phone in the bedroom, this is a huge no-no. The blue light that is emitted from your phone when you look at it will keep you awake way past your bedtime. A lot of people will take their phone to bed with them, maybe for an alarm. You can get an alarm clock, your phone isn’t needed in the bedroom. If you can’t sleep, don’t reach for your phone. There are plenty of other things you can do including reading a book or drinking some hot cocoa. Of course, if you already have removed your phone from your bedroom space, then you might need extra help to sleep. Try CBD products from companies like CBDistillery a couple of hours before bed if this is the case. It could be life-changing.


    For the same reason, it is essential that you stop watching television at least an hour before bed. This gives your brain the chance to wind down and get in the mood for sleep. However, even watching TV in the comfort of your bed throughout the day or hours before you sleep can have a negative impact. It essentially sends a message to your brain that a bed is not a place for sleep. This could be another reason why you are stuck staring at the ceiling for hours after you tried to close your eyes for the first time.

    We hope this helps you see that there are certain types of tech that can elevate your bedroom space and others that you should try and avoid. Do be aware that any tech connected to wifi has the potential to stop you getting to the deepest level of sleep, leading to a restless night.

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