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    Ways To Optimize Your Instagram Profile Gain Thousands Of Followers In Several Months

    Ways To Optimize Your Instagram Profile Gain Thousands Of Followers In Several Months

    This is a task that many people run into while starting their page on Insta – today this platform gives many opportunities to those who want to promote their business online or find the audience that is going to support them in their professional life or in life generally.

    However, because the niche of blogging is oversaturated with many talented and hard-working people, for newcomers it might be very difficult to find ways of promotion and some helpful tools that they can use to give their profile a boost.

    In this article, we will be reviewing that one by one and giving our honest opinion on whether these are efficient and safe or whether you should avoid using them.

    So, the most popular tool that everybody knows about is a chance to buy Instagram followers. It has gathered many controversial opinions around it due to many people having a negative experience with buying those for their pages. However, several negative reviews are not valid cases to neglect this service and discard it completely. You see, to make an efficient purchase you have to keep in mind several important nuances. Firstly, you need to purchase real subs – it means that behind those subs there have to be real people who are running their pages on Instagram and have photos, videos, stories, and filled-in bios. Those will be able to show a positive impact on your profile’s statistics and will not make you worry about the safety of your account. What is with the safety, you might ask? Well, Instagram has a pretty strict policy about bots and fakes, and if its algorithms will notice that your page has been overflowed with bots, it is going to perceive it as fake as well. From that moment on your content will not be recommended to real people. This is called shadow banning.

    But if you buy real Instagram followers, things are going to be okay – the best way to increase the number is to choose a subscription that would deliver a fixed number of subscribers to your page once a week or once a month. This is convenient and very safe in terms of keeping your reputation in place and even making it better over time. Paid services are not bad, but many people count them as unfair, so it is better to keep the fact that you have been using those concealed from the public.

    The next option is a chance to set an inner targeted ad from Instagram itself. It is more pricey than the previous option, and it takes a little bit more time and effort from your side. Plus, this one is better taken on after you have created yourself some sort of a base (for example, by purchasing some paid subs). Targeted ads are very precise and help with gaining a specific audience that is going to be sincerely interested in what you are posting – while setting this ad you are able to pick the age, the group of interests, and the location of people whom you want to become your followers. This type of ad is also very efficient if you’re trying to sell your products and services via Instagram – people are able to see what you’re selling right away and make their choice without even clicking on your profile.

    The next nice promotional tool is collaborating with bloggers from your or neighboring sphere. For example, if you are an owner of a small cosmetic brand, you can collaborate with somebody who reviews cosmetics and ask them to tell their audience about your products, if they like the stuff you are going to send them. This format helps with bringing loyal and interested audiences to the profile as well – it is going to be even better if you would give away some sort of bonus or discount to those who will subscribe to you first. But this type of ad is best taken on at the very end of your promotional “campaign”, as people who will come to you from bloggers have to see that your page is already developed and has been there for quite some time. It helps with increasing the scale of trust and creating a community around your Insta page.

    Best results are happening when you’re using a complex approach and combining several promotional tools altogether – so make sure that you’re following the right order and using everything you can to develop your resource. Good luck!

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