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    Disruptions and Future Trends Shaping Bio-Tech Industry Investments Reveal Los Angeles as New Node

    Disruptions and Future Trends Shaping Bio-Tech Industry Investments Reveal Los Angeles as New Node

    LA BioMed, an independent biomedical research organization, hosted its fifth annual Innovation Showcase on September 13th in Manhattan Beach.

    The event featured some of biotechnology’s most promising start-ups and spotlighted 32 promising new bioscience companies.

    “Leading biotech start-ups now see the benefit of being in Los Angeles and believe in the potential of this area to draw more and more global talent and top-tier investment groups,” said Keith B. Hoffman, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Development and Technology Transfer, LA BioMed. “Biotech growth in the region will continue to pay off in a big way in terms of jobs, national recognition, and broader economic development.”

    The Showcase brought further attention to LA BioMed’s 66-year legacy of developing cutting-edge technologies and life-saving treatments. It shed new light on exciting steps to grow LA BioMed’s presence as a leading force in the life-science start-up community. Significantly, the company plans to open a state-of-the-art, 18,000 square foot, bioscience incubator facility dedicated to housing and growing biotech start-ups from across LA County and beyond in March 2019.

    “LA BioMed has always focused on medical innovation but our latest Innovation Showcase marks an exciting new phase for LA and the biotech industry,” said Dr. David Meyer, President and CEO of LA BioMed.

    As a result, the over 270 attendees heard from leading venture capitalists, including Kevin Kinsella, founding partner at Avalon Ventures, and Camille Samuels, a partner at Venrock, who spoke about early-stage bioscience investments.

    About LA BioMed

    LA BioMed is an incubator of innovation with a global reach and a 66-year reputation of improving and saving lives. Driven by the positive social impacts of breakthrough therapies, the research institute and incubator – with over 100 principal investigators (PhDs, MDs, and MD/PhDs) working on over 600 research studies, including therapies for multiple orphan diseases – is also an essential element to one of the nation’s top-ten biotech clusters.

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