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    EnGenius Launches An Affordable Consumer Wi-Fi Mesh Network System: MESHdot Kit

    EnGenius Launches An Affordable Consumer Wi-Fi Mesh Network System: MESHdot Kit

    EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational networking company known for offering a vast range of quality networking solutions for both consumers and businesses, is pleased to announce the long-awaited Wi-Fi mesh network system called MESHdot Kit.

    The bundle comes with an elegant wireless mesh router called EMR3500, and MESHdot (EMD11), one of the smallest AC1300 mesh nodes in the world. Both products included in the MESHdot Kit bundle are powered by some of Qualcomm’s latest consumer technology. The new Wi-Fi mesh network system is easy to set up and is a direct solution for budget-conscious families wanting to enjoy spotless single-network Wi-Fi signal across the entire house and backyard without breaking the bank.

    EnGenius Technologies is an industry expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology. The company has been around for nearly 20 years and is focused on delivering feature-rich, long-range, wireless networking solutions for voice and data that empower mobility.

    Available to both Android and Apple devices, the new intuitive specially build EnMesh app makes the process of setting up a sophisticated and reliable Wi-Fi mesh network as easy as apple pie. It only takes a few minutes to create a robust Wi-Fi network and never experience home Wi-Fi connectivity issues ever again. The slick EnGenius AC1300 mesh router EMR3500 comes with built-in 360° high-performance antenna, and the plug-and-play compact MESHdot gives consumers the flexibility to cover spotty Wi-Fi areas making sure the home network covers every corner of the entire house.

    Designed to please the eye and combined with a power plug, EnGenius MESHdot provides high-speed performance perfect for smooth streaming of up to 4K Ultra HD videos, online gaming with support for latest generation consoles, and stable connection powered by EnMesh™ wireless link technology. The elegant EMR3500 router supports up to eight nodes in the same network making it possible for consumers to build a mesh network robust enough to bring lag-free internet to thousands square feet of living space within a single network.

    Consumers who share Wi-Fi passwords with home visitors will no longer have to look for ways to restricts access to their local network by changing Wi-Fi passwords or using complicated software – with EnGenius’ latest MESHdot Kit, the creation of the stable guest Wi-Fi network is only a few clicks away right from the comfort of a smartphone. Paying extra for parental control features is now officially a thing of the past too. The MESHdot Kit network gives real-time data about everyone connected to the network, and the ability to create and enforce rules such as silencing other users by banning them from the network or limiting the hours of internet availability. The parental control settings also allow consumers to set up weekly schedules, or prevent users from being able to access social media, search engines, video content or custom URLs. Users can also use EnMesh to remotely monitor EnGenius gateway/router usage or disconnect devices connected to the home network.

    Users will no longer have to update the equipment on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. The MESHdot Kit’s auto firmware update make sure that consumers always take advantage of the latest service and security enhancements without the need of any action from the network administrator. EnFile, a free app developed by EnGenius available for both Android and iOS phones, enables users to create a private cloud network and access those files from anywhere in the world.

    With the EnFile app, users can use smart devices to play music and videos, back up photos and transfer other data to and from a gateway/router-attached USB hard drive when they are away from home. Using EnFile also allows consumers to manage not only files on a remote USB hard drive but also the ones located on their smartphone. Pictures, music, videos, and documents can easily be managed and organized within the app on any mobile device.

    Comprised of the EMR3500 and Mesh Dot, the MESHdot Kit provides wireless connectivity for smart home and IoT devices. Optimize the MESHdot Kit with the EnMesh and EnFile app. EnMesh provides easy set-up and management of your network. EnFile offers file management on any mobile device as well as creating personal cloud storage through the EMR3500.

    “We are on a quest to break the stigma that mesh network equipment is either unaffordable for home use, bad-looking, or hard to set up,” said MC Leo, general manager at EnGenius Technologies. “By offering the MESHdot Kit to the world, we are responding to a market-demand for plug-and-play affordable, eye-pleasing products able to support stable mesh network that can cover an entire house. And this is just the beginning, in 2019 we will continue to introduce EnGenius products that help smart homes operate smoothly.”

    The new MESHdot Kit ($99 MSRP) will be exhibited at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and will hit the market in the first quarter of 2019.

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