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    Luxury Shoe Club Opens Membership Club and App

    Luxury Shoe Club Opens Membership Club and App

    Luxury Shoe Club, the world’s premier trading club for pre-owned designer shoes, has created a completely new way for women to own, buy and sell pre-owned luxury shoes.

    Beginning today, Luxury Shoe Club is launching its new membership club, iPhone app, and next-generation shoe trading platform. The club’s unique model lets women who love high-end luxury and fashion own amazing pre-owned, new-in-box and gently worn designer shoes at a fraction of the cost and pays them upfront to sell shoes they no longer wear.

    After working with and spending enormous amounts of time with die-hard shoe lovers, Scott Van Valkenburgh, Luxury Shoe Club’s Chief Shoe Evangelist and Co-founder, knew there had to be a better way. “When I saw how much it cost women to sell their shoes on consignment sites like The Real Real and the pain and hassle of eBay and Craigslist, I wondered why women who have the same shoe size couldn’t just trade the shoes they no longer wear with each other.” And with this, the idea to create the Luxury Shoe Club was born.

    “We have completely taken the hassle and cost out of buying and selling pre-owned designer shoes,” says Van Valkenburgh. “For all the women who love shoes, who want variety and unlimited options, who are short on time and not inclined to pay the full retail price, Luxury Shoe Club is the answer. It’s such a simple and powerful way for shoe-loving women to connect and indulge in their passion for footwear. Be careful, the LSC app is incredibly addictive!”

    $800M+ Growth Market for Pre-owned Designer Shoes

    The US women’s luxury shoe market accounts for $8.6 Billion annually. Over the past five years, the average price of women’s designer shoes has surged to $770 a pair. With this rapid rise in prices and strong consumer sentiment towards sustainable fashion, the sale of “pre-owned” designer shoes have skyrocketed to more than $800 Million a year. With an estimated $1 Billion dollars of new-in-box luxury shoes sitting idle in women’s closets, this number is expected to continue to outpace traditional retail sales.

    Unfortunately, even with the “pre-owned” segment’s hyper-growth, women are still confronted with the common, everyday struggles around buying, selling and caring for their shoes:

    • Finding stylish pre-owned designer shoes is difficult and expensive
    • Listing, selling and shipping shoes is time-consuming and a hassle
    • Consigning and reseller fees take away 40%+ of a shoe’s resale value
    • Getting trusted, craftsman-certified polishing and repair service is a challenge          

    A “Perfect Fit” for Shoe Lovers

    As the world’s premier trading club for pre-owned designer shoes, Luxury Shoe Club differs from competing services with a single-minded simplicity: List only the best pre-owned designer shoes, make the app simple and easy-to-use and eliminate the hassle and expense of consigning and reselling.

    LSC’s secret sauce is its Club Point system for shoe trading. Members buy and sell shoes using points instead of cash. Each Club Point is valued at one US dollar. When a member lists a pair of shoes for sale, LSC’s uses its proprietary pricing algorithm to determine the shoe’s fair market resale value and then instantly pays up to 50% of that value to the listing member. The remaining amount is paid once the shoes are bought. This unique model allows members to immediately earn points to shop members’ shoe closets without having to wait until their shoes sell. And the more shoes they list, the more points they earn upfront for buying famous name designer shoes.

    With great features like personalized shopping, express shipping, free shipping boxes, at home pickup and a 7-day return policy, shopping and selling pre-owned luxury shoes has never been more easy, convenient and hassle-free.

    Shoelanthropy – More Than Just Shoes

    As a sustainable fashion company focused on driving social impact, Luxury Shoe Club donates a percentage of its membership profits to help women in need get back on their feet. The club’s motto is simple but powerful – LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD.

    For A Limited Time Only – FREE Club Membership

    In celebration of today’s launch, for a limited time only, Luxury Shoe Club is waiving its annual membership fee and offering FREE memberships to members who list shoes within 7 days of joining. There are three membership levels to choose from: Intrigued ($49/year), Passionate ($99/year), or Obsessed ($149/year). Depending on the membership level, benefits include bonus Club Points for shopping, savings on Club Point purchases, discounts on shoe repair & polishing, free shipping boxes, and free shipping for shoe purchases.

    Luxury Show Club (LSC) is the world’s premier trading club for pre-owned designer shoes. Members shop each others’ closets for amazing pre-owned high-end designer shoes using Club Points instead of cash. Leveraging LSC’s next-generation shoe trading platform and easy-to-use app, members can own designer shoes at a fraction of their cost and get paid upfront to sell shoes they no longer wear. Blending the best of sharing economy, online luxury consignment, and membership point programs, Luxury Shoe Club (LSC) has created a completely new business model for the “pre-owned” luxury shoe market. As a sustainable fashion company driving social impact, Luxury Shoe Club donates a percentage of its profits to help women in need get back on their feet.

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