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    Keep Valuable Electronics Spotless With Spruce & Co.

    Keep Valuable Electronics Spotless With Spruce & Co.

    Electronics have become an extremely important aspect of our everyday lives.

    While we wish they could stay clean the entire time, it’s just not how it works. Spruce & Co developed the ultimate solution to keeping our electronics looking brand new. These screen-cleaning wipes instantly remove smudges, stains, and dirt on your devices within seconds. With just the right amount of moistness, you won’t need to swipe across your screen twice.

    “Sprucie” is the plant-based product that is alcohol-free, ammonia-free, and derived from coconut oil. Products are Made in the USA and 100% plant-based. They are specifically formulated to wash away dirt and grime while treating all of your devices with care. One simple wipe will keep all electronics looking good and feeling nice.

    After using Sprucies on twenty watches, the television, computer screens, and cell phones we would say you can’t go wrong with purchasing a bundle of these.

    Photo by: Mike Fox

    Each Sprucie comes individually wrapped because each wipe has a controlled amount of cleaning formula. This prevents liquid from getting into cracks, crevices, and speakers. Anyone would hate to give customers a pack of ten wipes only to find that they were only able to use a handful before the others dry out.

    Spruce & Co. does an excellent job of providing an authentic product to improve our experience with the electronic devices we love so much.

    Their screen cleaning wipes are now available for sale in airports at Cibo Markets (La Guardia, Houston, JFK, Philadelphia, Dallas, MPLS, Newark, etc.) They launched their second product in January 2017:

    100% Natural Hand Sanitizer

    • comes in two fragrances: Chamomile Lavender and Grapefruit
    • 2 oz spray bottles
    • available for sale on (starting at $8.99) & Amazon

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