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    Qüero Handmade Shoes Introduces their Quero Fit App

    Qüero Handmade Shoes Introduces their Quero Fit App

    Qüero blends the traditional with the tech-savvy to bring you artisan-made Spanish shoes you’ll love.

    These handmade leather shoes are crafted by artisans who follow centuries-old traditions. The shoes are tailored specifically to your sole and foot shape through data you provide, thanks to our one-of-a-kind custom sizing app. After joining forces with Antonio and Juan Carlos, who own the factory in Albacete where Quero shoes are made, Quero discovered that they not only wanted to make quality shoes, they wanted to allow customers to create their own designs.

    Quero sizes shoes to your foot using Qüero’s unique augmented reality app so that you can be sure your shoes will fit. Whether your feet are wide or narrow, big or small, the custom ordering system will help you select and design your dream shoe. Customers are able to send their perfectly customized size through the Quero Fit App by taking photos of their foot on a standard-size sheet of paper. The process is simple and quick and ensures a perfect fit.

    True custom shoes can cost thousands of dollars and take months to receive. Because Qüero uses a better, more streamlined process, the company can bring you self-designed shoes in six weeks or less. There are 200 different customized design combinations to choose from. Customers can decide on leather, patterned leather, or suede, four different soles, and 35 color variations.

    The Quero Fit App is currently available on Kickstarter. Early Bird pricing starts at $170.00.

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