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    Smart City Portable E-Bike is Transforming Eco Friendly Travel

    Smart City Portable E-Bike is Transforming Eco Friendly Travel


    Riding the wave of green-tech for inner city travel and pioneering e-bike creator, Smacircle has unveiled a new model to revolutionize the urban commute and contribute to cleaner city air.

    Urban Commuter Smacircle S1 folds to fit in a backpack.

    The Smacircle S1 is a new concept, which allows commuters to travel easily in the city and pack the e-bike away in a backpack when not in use. No need to wait in traffic jams or endure busy public transport, the S1 is the most efficient and fun way to commute in the city.

    Established in 2016 Smacircle creates and manufactures pioneering e-bikes. Designed to make commutes easier and more enjoyable, Smacircle e-bikes combine smart features with innovative design.

    Smacircle’s co-founder Shang Gui WU says:

    “Greenhouse gas emissions are a serious concern so we’re inspired by the need to reduce carbon footprints for cleaner living. The Smacircle S1 is another step towards strengthening the green tech initiative for commuters within major cities.”

    Sleek, Portable, Motorized Style

    The lightweight e-bike weighs only 15lbs, yet can carry weight up to 220lbs. Its ergonomic design folds to 19-inches in five simple steps and fits inside a standard size backpack.

    The S1’s 240W motor can propel commuters up to speeds of 12-miles per hour without the need to pedal, while the high-quality Samsung battery delivers a distance of 12 miles on a single charge. To get back in the saddle simply plug into any domestic power socket for 2.5 hours.

    Get ready to explore new cities as the world’s most transportable e-bike is also airplane certified, which makes it acceptable as hand luggage.

    Cutting Edge Technology

    Powerful front and side lights provide high visibility to vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclists, while electric brakes ensure safe and effective stopping at the touch of a button.

    The S1 automatically connects to an iOS or Android app when the rider is within range, which allows them to unlock the bike. When locked, the accelerator is deactivated and no-one other than the connected user can ride the S1.

    A smartphone is easily attached to the handlebars and the device can be topped up easily thanks to a built-in USB charger. The app also controls the S1’s lights’ intensity, tracks routes, monitors speed and battery life.


    • Mileage (single charge) – 12.43 miles

    • Speed (max) – 12 mph

    • Max uphill angle – 15°

    • Weight support (max) – 220.46 lbs

    • Battery type – Samsung 18650

    • Battery capacity – 5800 mAh

    • Charging method – domestic power supply

    • Charging time – 2.5 hrs

    • Motor power – 240W

    • Frame – carbon fiber

    • Dimensions (unfolded) – 37.40 x 34.25 x 16.14 inches

    • Dimensions (folded) – 7.48 x 11.42 x 19.29 inches

    • Weight – 15.43 lbs

    • Mobile app – iOS and Android

    The S1 is available on Indiegogo at 57% discount and RRP of $1,499.

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