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    Smart Ways To Minimize Business Electricity Usage

    Smart Ways To Minimize Business Electricity Usage

    Your organization needs electrical power to keep it running; yet, so far you have been spending plenty of money on energy, but it is draining your pocket.

    To not be stressing yourself out financially, it’s better to consider minimizing your workplace energy usage.

    Although you plan to use less power in your business location, you still have to know clever ways to utilize less current. You can check these various energy-saving tips for your workspace and save plenty on your wallet. Your workplace will benefit greatly from these saving tips and in the meantime, you can concentrate fully on growing your business.

    You will have full peace of mind knowing that your energy efficiency plan is working well and you can continue operating your firm without being stressed out.

    1. Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances

    A smart way to minimize your business energy usage is for you to buy energy-efficient appliances that can help to keep your power outage at a minimum. Over the years, manufacturers have shifted their focus to creating energy appliances that work and produce less energy, thus, saving money in the long run. These energy-efficient appliances are refrigerators, lighters, dishwashers, water heaters, air conditioners, dryers, and clothes washing machines. These energy appliances work by utilizing less power to get the job done. Some energy appliances work by depending on various renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. When energy-efficient appliances are used on your business premises, you will have less energy cost to pay and you can use the money saved to invest back into your business.

    2. Make Use of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

    Using energy-efficient light bulbs is one of the simplest ways of saving energy on your business premises. Make a change over from traditional light bulbs to energy-efficient ones like LED and CFL so that your electricity bill will not run high. According to Led Light Ideas, LED requires around 5w to emit the same light than a halogen globe does with 30W, saving up to 85% of the energy needed while offering the same brightness and light quality.

    When choosing which electricity-saving light bulb to use in your business place, make sure to take into consideration the following two things:

    • Type: you should choose your light bulb based on the location of the area where you will use it and how you’ll use it. Take for example: LED and CFL lights are mainly used for outdoor occasions.
    • Lumen value: before going ahead and buying your light bulbs, you should determine how bright you want your bulbs to be. Usually, people use watts to measure how bright a traditional bulb should be. However, Lumen does not use watts to determine brightness but depends on its output to give an accurate idea of how bright the bulb itself is.

    3. Take Advantage of the Natural Sunlight

    If you have an office space in an area where the sun shines in abundance then you can use the sun’s bright rays to light up most parts in your workplace. You may not need to turn on all the lights in your business place each day if you work in a location where you have plenty of sunlight reaching you. Depending on where your office space is, you can take advantage of the natural sunlight that you get each day and thus end up using less electricity.

    4. Use Fans Instead of an AC System

    The AC system that you use in your business place can cost you a pretty penny each month. If you want to save money on electricity bills, using running fans are better alternatives to use than an AC. Even if you have an AC system working in your business place, you can still save energy by shutting it off some days of the week and instead use running fans to keep the place cool during the time. Places, where you can place your running fans, are into offices, kitchens, warehouses, and showrooms.

    5. Shut Down Office Equipment When Not in Use

    At the end of the day when work is over, you should make sure to shut down office devices such as your computers, fans, coffee makers, toasters, AC system, and so on. These devices when left on can run up your electricity bill unnecessarily and pressure you to pay a large energy bill each month. Therefore, have your team unplug and shut down as many devices as they can before vacating your business premises each day and especially on weekends to prevent energy waste.

    6. Use the Services of an Energy Audit

    Today, many companies use an energy audit to determine how much energy they use and to get proper advice about how to save on electricity usage at work. Once you give the go-ahead to a professional energy audit, he or she will visit your business premises and carry out a thorough investigation of your property to determine how you are using your energy output. He or she will check for insulation issues and air leaks in your workplace. Additionally, the energy audit will seek out opportunities and find ways to install energy-efficient lighting on your property.

    The amount of electricity you use on your company premises can make a difference in how much money you pay to the electric company each month and can also affect the financial growth of your organization. By installing the proper energy-saving devices and equipment in your work area, you are lessening your energy output and saving money.

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    • Cian Abbott
      July 16, 2021

      Thanks for the smart tips! I’ll definitely do these changes at home. As part of the suggestions, it’s a good thing I found these business electricity rates UK wide from this consultant firm, which would lead me to hiring the best energy auditors. Can’t wait to get big savings!

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