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    Veteran Launches Advanced Lifestyle Management App Called BE LUX

    Veteran Launches Advanced Lifestyle Management App Called BE LUX

    The COVID pandemic has prompted people to change how they conduct their business and personal activities.

    More than ever, people have come to rely on mobile applications to order groceries, make appointments, and otherwise meet a wide variety of their needs.

    With this in mind, Waldron McCritty, a black U.S. Navy and hospitality industry veteran, set out to revolutionize concierge services for those who want to enjoy their best-available lifestyle. He designed BE LUX, the new mobile app by Bold, Inc., to provide personal concierge service in today’s high-tech world. The BE LUX lifestyle management platform will help people with everything from travel arrangements to lawn care. All they have to do is sign up for a membership and everything will be handled by quality trained service professionals.

    “I come from three generations of hospitality and management services, and have made it my mission to introduce to this segment the power of today’s advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence,” explains Waldron, chief executive officer of BE LUX.

    “I have a passion for providing great services, and BE LUX is going to help streamline that process.”

    The company and its service platform is a concept that occurred to Waldron while he was helping his family develop their property and hospitality businesses. He envisioned a mobile app that would help solve some of the customer services and logistics problems that they had encountered regularly. After researching and testing various alternatives, BE LUX was born.

    Today the BE LUX app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.  Users may choose a membership level that includes a range of services that suit their personal concierge preferences. Membership levels include Basic, Premium, and Executive, with service options that span personal assistant, home services, lodging, party and events, travel, and delivery service needs.

    Members seeking Home Services, for example, will have all of their essential needs met without having to source the specific individual service providers to perform the work. Services such as yard work, repairs, cleaning, and laundry will integrate seamlessly.  Likewise, those who choose the Executive membership level will have all of their office assistant needs addressed. BE LUX will help people save time and money by running errands, having groceries and take-out delivered, or making travel plans.

    Five things to know about BE LUX include:

    1. The company that created Be Lux, Bold Inc. is a certified Black-and veteran-owned business. Waldron served eight years in the U.S. Navy.
    2. Waldron’s experience in the military prepared him for entrepreneurship. He served with the Elite Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Counter Narcotics Units as an Operations Specialist, and Coordinator. After obtaining a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering, he gained 15 years of professional experience in management and mobile technology.
    3. The app is currently launching in Atlanta, but will soon be available in cities around the country.
    4. Currently, the services offered include restaurant and grocery delivery, package and alcohol delivery, and transportation services. Transportation services include on-demand, as well as chauffeur services. More services will follow shortly.
    5. The BE LUX platform and underlying services will focus on helping people with everything from simple chores to corporate office assistance.

    “Everyone wants more free time and less stress, despite all the daily tasks and chores to be done,” added Waldron. “BE LUX does all this and so much more. Constant attention to a list of to-dos around the home or office can consume a lot of time and energy.

    Users of BE LUX can while our trained service providers ensure that everything on their list gets properly handled in a timely and professional manner. BE LUX is the app for those who want to spend more time living their life to the fullest, rather than taking care of all the little tasks that need to be done.”

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