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    What Platforms Are Supported By Converters?

    What Platforms Are Supported By Converters?

    Text to speech converters is used for many reasons, from education and learning to pretty much every industry such as cars and transportation.

    But with text to speech converters not super common at the moment, a lot of people do not even know the full capabilities of what the software is capable of. Some people might not even know all of the platforms that are compatible with some text to speech converters.

    Hopefully, this post will help you get an idea just how big the industry is and how compatible everything really is already in its early stages!  Only some of the basic capabilities are listed in this post.  You will have to keep looking for a new post if you have in-depth knowledge because this is aimed more than the beginner crowd!

    Word Processors

    It pretty much goes without saying that you are going to use a word processor that is compatible with your text to speech converter.  It is the most basic form of digital words there. Is, so this is the most basic level of what a text to speech converter is going to be handling.

    There are a ton of word processors that you can end up using and link them into your text to speech program.  Microsoft Word or the Apple version of Word will totally work fine.  You can’t go wrong with whatever word processor you have as long as it can save files and you have a keyboard!

    Online Web Pages

    Where the technology really starts to shine is that text to speech converting software can actually read web pages in most cases.  You may be wondering why I just said in most cases.

    Well, it frankly does depend which text to speech converter you have and how much you are paying for it.  There are not too many out there that are compatible with online web pages because that converter needs to be more sophisticated. So, if you want that feature then be sure to expect to pay for it. Web pages are kind of starting to become a free feature with some as the industry is progressing, so it would be smart to look around and see who is offering it for free if that is what you value most.


    Yes, there are actually some apps and online text to speech converters that will actually read words that are in your image.  If you are eyeing a free text to speech converter, you probably should not get your hopes up. This is pretty rare of a feature so expect to have to pay some money for such power.

    There are also so many apps that are compatible with text to speech converters that it would really take way too long to sit here and explain every single one. Above were some of the basic things to mention for people that are not experienced in this niche.

    If you did learn something, then please share this. Thanks for reading!

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