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    5 Top-Rated Family Attractions in Hampshire

    5 Top-Rated Family Attractions in Hampshire

    You don’t have to wander far in Hampshire’s quintessential maritime cities Southampton and Portsmouth to find a perfect family attraction.

    Home to aviation, world-class ships, quirky activities and more, this is a one-stop city that never fails to impress!

    Kids will love ambling along the ancient medieval walls, coming face to face with a legendary Spitfire and will enjoy close-up animal encounters.

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect family bonding experience or want to explore a new place, Southampton is bursting with variety, whatever the weather!  But where should your next family adventure take you? We’ve rounded up 5 top-rated Hampshire family attractions to help you plan your next trip:

    Solent Sky Museum

    Have you ever wondered what the WWII legendary Spitfire looks like up close? Or what would it be like to sit in a cockpit and pretend you’re a pilot?

    Southampton’s Solent Sky Museum is a celebration of all things aviation. And it’s no surprise. The city is historically a world-leading hub for aircraft experiments and development, and it is responsible for engineering some of the most significant planes to ever take to the skies period.

    Kids and grownups, too, will be in awe of the feats of engineering on display at the museum. You can even climb aboard some standout pieces, such as the Harrier Jump Jet and the Supermarine Swift. Sound effects aren’t only encouraged but will make you feel like the real deal!

    Later explore the golden age of aviation and watch original stock footage of some of the most glorious races ever captured on film. Afterwards, wander around the excellent Schneider Trophy Exhibition and look at the record-breaking S6a centrepiece on display. Magic.

    Manor Farm, River Hamble Countryside Park

    Manor Farm is the perfect day out for little explorers, animal lovers, and hands-on adventurers! Set in the stunning River Hamble Countryside Park, the whole family can connect with nature as they have a wild time at the farm.

    Get close to all the traditional farm animals, including ducks, geese, bunnies, cattle, and sheep. Watch the goats take on their special mountain space, pat the alpacas and discover tiny piglets!

    The newly completed roundhouse is bustling with activities and events throughout the year. Springtime is lambing and calving season, summer is for shearing, autumn is the time for weaning calves, and winter it transforms into a warmer home for livestock.  Kids can swing, climb and slide to their heart’s content in the fabulous outdoor play areas. Later, parents can enjoy a sit down as their little ones carry on their adventures in the indoor play barn.

    With so much to see and do, Manor Farm is a welcome break from the hubbub and business of everyday life!

    Exciting Escapes

    Time is pressing. The instruction manual has been thrown out the window, but the mystery still lies in wait, ready to be solved.

    Portsmouth’s top-rated escape room, Exciting Escapes, invites you to become a secret agent and beat the game before time runs out. All your senses will be put to the test. You will need to work closely with your family to break codes, solve clues and overcome challenges in the adventure of a lifetime!

    Choose from five outstanding games across four different themes:

    • A Hidden Past: This 1950s spy thriller is perfect for first timers
    • Breaking the Law: Uncover important government secrets in a race against a corrupt 1970s police officer
    • Silence is a Virtue: It’s the height of the Blitz, and an unexploded WWII is not the only thing between you and a stash of Top Secret documents
    • Spies in Space: Uncover a saboteur on a British Navy Spaceship

    Whether you go head to head in a “paired room” or make it a close family event, this is a bonding moment you’ll never forget.

    SeaCity Museum

    SeaCity Museum is a pinnacle of Southampton. Home to the outstanding Titanic Story, the whole family can enjoy an insightful look into her fateful voyage and the impact she had on the people who worked, voyaged and stayed behind.

    Amongst the fascinating personal stories and artefacts on display, the interactive 1:25 scale model of the world-renowned White Starliner is well worth a look.

    Carry on from her remarkable story as you stroll through the excellent Southampton Stories exhibition. You’ll uncover incredible stories from the city’s eye-opening past, including marvellous archaeological finds that helped shape Southampton into the rich and diverse city we all love today.

    Next stop is the Gateway to the World exhibition. There you and the whole family will discover over 200,000 years of Southampton’s history. Find out about the city’s earliest settlers to the extraordinary people that make this such a wonderful place to live in and visit today.

    The museum also hosts top-notch family-friendly events, workshops and activities throughout the year, such as Merpeople of Atlantic, Southampton Culture Club for Kids, Yummy Mummies and more.

    Steamship Shieldhall

    Are you looking for an educational yet adventurous family adventure? Steamship Shieldhall welcomes you onboard. She is the largest working steamship in Britain, built during the height of the golden age of steam. Today, she serves as part of the National Historic Fleet and is a fine tribute to the country’s maritime heritage. And you get to experience all the romance and joy of sailing on her too!

    As part of your fantastic experience, you can see the impressive engine room in action. Watch as the original steam engines power the ship, and then step onto the bridge and see all the traditional instruments at work. Talk to the Captain and the fantastic crew, and listen to the informative commentary as you pass giant modern warships on the Southampton Water and the Solent. Don’t forget to admire the ship’s steam-assisted steering gear – similar to the one used on the Titanic!

    Your next family adventure to Southampton is not one to be missed! With so many diverse attractions to choose from, you’ll want to come back again and again to make memories that will last a lifetime! Where will your first stop take you?

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