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    Becoming Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Starter Pack To Treasure Hunting

    Becoming Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Starter Pack To Treasure Hunting

    More and more people are becoming interested in treasure hunting as a hobby.

    This could be because of the hype brought about by some of the most interesting discoveries made by previous treasure hunting hobbyists.

    If you are one of the people interested in venturing out to find your treasure, then make sure that you are equipped with the tools below in your starter pack.

    Metal Detector

    The first thing that your starter pack should include is a reliable metal detector. The seasoned hobbyists from Metal Detector Lab believe that your metal detector should be lightweight but solidly built. It should feature an intuitive and easy to learn interface, so as not to frustrate, but rather encourage you to delve more into this hobby. In addition to this, look for a metal detector that is of high quality to be able to accurately detect underground treasures.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    Always make sure to include some rechargeable batteries in your starter pack for a seamless treasure hunting experience. It can be quite frustrating to find that your metal detector is already out of power after sounding an alarm to notify you that a treasure is just nearby. Rechargeable batteries can save you with a hefty sum because you can reuse it several times. However, before going to get yourself some of these batteries, make sure that you check whether your metal detector can be powered up by rechargeable batteries as there are metal detector models that don’t work well with these batteries.

    Electronic Pinpointer

    It will also be a good idea to equip yourself with an electronic pinpointer that will help you know the exact location of the treasure that triggered the alarm of your metal detector. After your metal detector sounds, just stick your pinpointer into the ground and it will scan the entire area, enhancing the sound and vibration produced by your metal detector as you get closer and closer to the object hidden underneath the ground. Some pinpointers are integrated with a flashlight and a scraping blade, making it easier for you to uncover your treasure.

    Sand Scoop, Digger, or Shovel

    Once you identify a particular area where a treasure can be found, for sure you would need some tools to help you bring it out of the ground. Thus, your starter pack should include a scoop, a small digger, or even a shovel. A sand scoop is perfect if you plan to hunt for treasures on the beach. However, these may work better on dry sand, rather than on wet sand.

    A digger or a trowel is perfect if the object that you are trying to get out is only a few inches under the ground. A digger will help you in making a small hole to help you retrieve your treasure, particularly in soft soil. On the other hand, a shovel is the best tool to help you dig out relics or dig out the treasures that are located deeper in the ground. You can use a garden shovel, but some shovels are specially designed for metal detecting and treasure hunting.

    Gold Pan and Gold Bottle Snifter

    If you intend to hunt for gold anywhere near the water, then your starter pack should include a gold pan. A gold pan will greatly aid you in sifting through the rocks and dirt to segregate your gold finds. In addition to this, you also need to have a gold bottle snifter which you can use to suck the gold from the pan. This is considerably easier than having to pick the gold from the pan using your fingers or even a tweezer.


    Use some headphones to focus more on your treasure hunting adventure and steer clear from any distractions that may cause you to deviate from uncovering a unique find. Aside from an enhanced concentration, using headphones will also offer you more privacy since other people won’t generally know whether you found a treasure because only you will hear the sound of your metal detector. Not only this, but you will even preserve the battery life of your metal detector as you are not using its built-in speakers. Nevertheless, ensure that you are comfortable wearing headphones so find a pair that is a perfect fit based on the size and shape of your head.


    Every treasure hunter has a specific pouch dedicated to carrying all the treasures that they find from their adventure. Hence, make sure that your starter pack also includes a pouch that will house your good finds. Regardless of whether you intend to go hunting in far-flung locations, or just anywhere near within your home, having a pouch to securely carry whatever you may find is a good idea, rather than risking a gold coin slip out of your pocket.

    Durable Bag

    Finally, store your starter pack in a durable and reliable bag where your metal detector can conveniently fit in when you are not using it. You will also relatively find it easy to use your equipment when you need it if you can effortlessly get them out of your bag.

    Treasure hunting is a great hobby that you should consider. Aside from the fact that you may just stumble upon a valuable treasure, it gets you moving around under the sun too, which is good for your overall health. But before you fully delve into this hobby, make sure that you have a good and reliable metal detector. It doesn’t need to be full-packed with features just yet, but it should be sufficient enough to offer you the thrill of treasure hunt.

    Bring along some rechargeable batteries with you for uninterrupted hunting. An electronic pinpointer or headphones, as well as a gold pan and gold bottle snifter, would also make great accessories. Be sure to have a sand scoop, a digger, or a shovel to get your treasure once your detector starts making a sound, and store your starter pack in a durable bag.

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