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    Best Cities For Finding New Apartments In 2023

    Best Cities For Finding New Apartments In 2023

    If you’re thinking of upgrading to a newer apartment in 2023, you might want to consider looking in the Sun Belt states of Texas, Florida, and California.

    According RentCafe’s latest study, these states have seen the most new apartment construction in the last 10 years and currently have a higher number of new, spacious apartments in desirable neighborhoods.

    Here are more details about the 50 best places to find new apartments this year:

    • Sunny Boca Raton, FL, is the best city for finding new apartments in quality locations. The number of apartments grew here by 50% in the last 10 years, and almost all new rentals are in luxury-like settings close to highly rated public schools, countless attractions and amenities. New apartments in Boca Raton are among the most spacious in our Top 20, averaging 1,027 square feet, but almost all of them are full.
    • Next, the ranking is dominated by Texas, with 12 cities — six of which are among the 10 best locations for finding new, enjoyable rentals. Rental apartments in Midland, #2, grew by more than 50% since 2012, and 40.7% of them are in top locations. The same goes for Humble, #3, were rentals built in the last 10 years grew the total number of apartments by 45.2%.
    • Large cities are a rare sight in our ranking, with Denver and Washington, D.C., climbing highest. Denver ranks 1st among the nation’s large cities when it comes to finding new apartments in nice locations. The average size of a Denver apartment is 856 square feet.

    To read the full report, click HERE.

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