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    Expert Kayaking Tips For Absolute Beginners

    Expert Kayaking Tips For Absolute Beginners

    Kayaking is one of the world’s most popular water sports.

    Unfortunately, it can be dangerous if one doesn’t go prepared and isn’t adequately trained. Because of this, you need to do your research beforehand and carefully prepare for your first time kayaking.

    Water sports aren’t something to be taken lightly, especially if you can’t swim or if you will be performing them on a rough, fast-moving body of water. This article is the only online learning resource that you will ever need. Here, you will find some kayaking tips for beginners, brought to you from the experts:

    Join a Club

    It’s always worth joining a club whenever you’re taking up a new sport. As a member of a kayaking club, you will have access to books, magazines, and guides. In addition, members of the club will be able to show you how to kayak safely. While learning about kayaking online is beneficial, you also need practical knowledge. There’s only so much that a book can teach you. Some kayaking clubs hold beginner’s sessions, which might be worth attending also. Even if you have basic knowledge of kayaking, it will still be worth attending a beginner’s course.

    Find the Perfect Kayak

    There are different types of kayaks. You need to find the one that’s right for you. The only way to do this is to physically visit kayaking stores and examine them in person. Some types of kayak include:

    • Sit-on or sit-in kayaks.
    • Recreational kayaks.
    • Crossover kayaks.
    • Day-touring kayaks.
    • Inflatable kayaks.
    • Touring kayaks.
    • Sea kayaks.
    • Whitewater kayaks.
    • Folding kayaks.
    • Fishing kayaks.
    • Tandem kayaks.
    • Diving kayaks.
    • Surf kayaks.
    • Sail kayaks.

    The style of kayak that you buy depends on the type of kayaking that you will be doing. Make sure to do your research beforehand so that you can figure out what that is.

    Wearing a Life Jacket

    It’s very important that you always wear a life jacket, whenever you’re on the water. If you try to go kayaking without a life jacket, you could get hurt, or worse, drown. A life jacket is particularly important if you cannot swim or aren’t a strong swimmer and are going to be kayaking on rough water. As with all accessories, you need to get the best kayak accessories, which means the best made, the most durable, and the most hardwearing. If you get a flimsy and poorly made life jacket, you are putting your life at risk.

    Find a Paddle

    It’s also very important to find a good paddle. There are many types of paddles. The paddle that you need depends upon the type of kayak that you are going to be using. When you sign up for a kayaking club, you should have an opportunity to ask other members what they recommend. Failing that, you can always browse videos, guides, tutorials, and blogs on kayaking for information about which kayak you need. You can also of course ask online stores through their customer service department, and salespeople in physical stores. Make sure to browse your options and find the kayak that’s perfect for you. You may also click here and look for a paddle of your choice.

    Dress Appropriately

    You always need to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Inappropriate clothing can be very dangerous. A general rule of thumb is to dress for the water, and not the weather. What this means is, even if it is a hot day and you want to dress as light as possible, that may not be appropriate for the water. You may still need to wear a thermal outfit or a bodysuit. The same is true in winter. You need to make sure that you wear a proper thermal outfit, that is going to keep you warm but not inhibit your movement. Some people overdress, which can weigh them down and be somewhat dangerous.

    Dry Bag

    You should always have a dry bag with you when you go kayaking. A dry bag is a bag where you can keep your change of clothes and other items, like your phone, inside. If you don’t have a dry bag then you won’t be able to bring your phone with you. It’s always crucial to bring a phone with you, in case of an emergency. Make sure to do your research and find a dry bag that’s right for you. Some aren’t that good, so try to find the best one that you can.

    Change of Clothes

    Inside your dry bag, bring a change of clothes. Whenever you go kayaking, the chances are that you are going to get soaked, even if you don’t fall in the water. A change of clothes will ensure that you don’t stay wet and risk falling ill. It’s important to bring warm clothes, especially if you are outdoors on a cold day. Experts recommend wool because wool retains heat even when it is wet.

    High Visibility Clothing

    Experts also recommend wearing high-visibility clothing so that you can be seen, especially if you are kayaking at dusk or after dark. High visibility clothing will ensure that fishermen, other kayakers, and people driving boats don’t run into you or hurt you. It will also ensure that if you are hurt or in danger, that people will be able to see you and come to your rescue. Most life jackets are high-viz, so as long as you have a life jacket you should be okay.  You could also consider bringing a flare or a torch with you, so you can bring attention to yourself if you are in danger.

    Notifying Family

    If you are going out kayaking alone and you aren’t yet an expert, then always tell your family where you are going. This is so that if you become hurt, injured, or lost and don’t return by a specific time, they will be able to come out looking for you. Notifying your family or friends of where you are going will ensure that you are always protected and that no harm can come your way. With that said, it’s always best to go out with friends when you are a beginner, and not alone.

    Kayaking is an enjoyable water sport that is definitely worth checking out. Not only is it exciting, but it makes for a good workout, and can keep you in shape. You can kayak on canals, lakes, rivers, and even in the sea, so what are you waiting for?

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    • Max Richardson
      April 24, 2022

      Good article, learned a lot of interesting things. Thanks, keep up the good work. It is desirable for a beginner to take a young paddler course because at the beginning it is very difficult to keep the balance in the boat

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