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    Looking To Relax And Restore? Travel To Maui, Hawaii

    Looking To Relax And Restore? Travel To Maui, Hawaii

    This week, Britney Spears’s father petitioned to end her conservatorship. The singer celebrated by how else? Posting a video of herself dancing in Maui.

    Britney loves Maui, and Americans following her every move are wondering, How can we travel to Hawaii like the princess of pop? CEO Yatel Patin shares how to relax and restore themselves in Maui.

    Read his suggestions.

    The Montage Kapalua Beach Hotel

    Located four minutes away from a spectacular, lush golf course, the luxury resort is situated on Namalu Bay. Rooms feature deep soaking tubs, hanging chandeliers, and views of the sky-blue ocean.

    The Spa at Montage Kapalua Beach Hotel

    During the day, guests can relax in the spa, which creates personalized treatments using products created from the trees, minerals, and water surrounding the spacious resort.

    Eating at Merriman’s Kapalua Restaurant

    When Britney eats in Maui, she often goes to Merriman’s Kapalua. The acclaimed menu combines the best of health and taste. The chef prepares all meals farm-to-table, and each dish is unique.’s recommendation: the pig quesadilla and tako a l’escargot. They taste great, and they’re also healthy.

    Where to Shop

    If you’re looking to shop ’til you drop, check out the Honolua Store for local flavor and the Ritz-Carlton’s Village Gallery for upscale shopping.

    Where to Swim

    You’re in Maui! You won’t regret it! There are no better beaches in the world, and if you want to swim like Brit, check out the shores of Namalu Bay.

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    • Emma
      October 18, 2022

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