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    New Zealand: Another Step Towards Automated Travel

    New Zealand: Another Step Towards Automated Travel

    Auckland Airport is enhancing the experience for international travellers with the launch of new automated pre-security gates.

    From today, travellers will pass through 12 new eGates that will scan boarding passes and grant them access to security areas.

    Developed in partnership with Vision-Box, the leading provider of biometric-based travel and digital identity solutions, the eGates mark the first phase of a new technology application that will improve traveller processing times at this point in the journey.

    During peak periods, there can be up to 7,000 people processing through the international terminal every hour. Auckland Airport’s General Manager of Operations Anna Cassels-Brown says the new technology has led to a 5 fold increase in the airport’s processing capacity, in comparison to the previous system involving two people manually checking boarding passes.

    Anna Cassels-Brown, General Manager of Operations, Auckland Airport:

    “This initiative is part of a broader technology transformation that could eventually include biometric authentication to enable seamless customer journeys from check-in to boarding the aircraft. Where possible we see automation as a key way to improve the airport system by being more accurate, reliable and faster. Over the next decade as we undertake our multi-billion-dollar infrastructure upgrade, we will be integrating smart technology throughout the customer journey in a way that makes traveller journeys better.”

    The fundamental requirements of passenger processing are not going to change. There still needs to be check-in, baggage drop, customs, and security screening. But what technology can do is allow us to link the process together and streamline information in the background, helping to make the experience as seamless as possible.

    Phase two of Vision-Box’s award-winning Orchestra software will be rolled out in 2020. This second stage will integrate the Pre-security gates with real-time flight information from the airport’s operations system Airport20/20; allow for multi-boarding pass processes which benefit families; provide real-time reports for airlines and ground handlers; and integrate with the airport’s access control system for staff ID validation.

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    New Zealand: Another…

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