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    Road Trips To Boom This Summer

    Road Trips To Boom This Summer

    A new study shows that travelers are opting for road trips this summer.

    According to a recent survey from travel organizing app TripIt, a whopping 94 percent of survey respondents said they planned to travel this year.

    Travel columnist Kristy Alpert is available to speak about this topic, especially as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day will prove to bring on new experiences and challenges as road trips take on new meaning in the time of COVID-19.

    “There’s a brief window during childhood when imaginations are either nourished or numbed. Road trips offer the rare chance for kids to reignite their own imaginations, where they can make memories and have experiences that they’ll keep the rest of their lives,” Alpert says.

    Kristy Alpert, author of Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal for Kids (Happy Fox Books, May 2021), is currently available for interviews to help launch her new book and can discuss topics including:

    • Road trip tips in the time of COVID-19.
    • How road trips help shape a child’s future.
    • How using all five senses on road trips can help to create longer-lasting memories.
    • How the adventure truly lies in the journey.
    • How Kristy has been to 84 countries and all 7 continents, but her biggest adventure has been her journey into parenthood.
    • The best boredom busters for long or even short trips—she can make a trip to the dentist fun!
    • Why it’s good for kids to be bored sometimes.

    Pack up the family car, hit the road, and entertain the kids for the entire trip! Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal for Kids is a must-have activity book for kids to enjoy as you reach your destination. Including car games, puzzles, writing prompts, questionnaires, interview ideas, scavenger hunts, brainteasers, and more, this road trip book is filled with more than 50 entertaining activities and endless fun.

    Design your own license plate, sketch your souvenirs, fill in bingo cards with what you find from looking out the window, and enjoy the journey as much as the vacation itself! Author Kristy Alpert is an award-winning freelance travel journalist and has work featured in Fodor’s Travel, Travel Weekly, Yahoo! Travel, Refinery29, AFAR, and several other popular publications.


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