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    Top 5 Most Family-Friendly Travel Destinations In The US

    Top 5 Most Family-Friendly Travel Destinations In The US

    We all know that the US is full of amazing travel destinations for you to enjoy.

    There’s pretty much a city for everyone here; no matter your interests, you’re bound to find something to do across all 50 states!

    Nevertheless, family vacations are a bit harder to plan. Now, you need to find things to do for adults and kids. Thankfully, there are still plenty of excellent destinations across North America. So, here are the top five family-friendly travel locations in the US right now:

    Orlando, Florida

    Let’s be honest, you all knew this was going to be one of the first destinations mentioned! Orlando has become synonymous with family vacations over the years, largely thanks to Walt Disney World. You could literally spend a couple of weeks here with your family, and it would be the best experience you all have together. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Universal Orlando Resort, which is home to things like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and loads of other cool theme parks. If you and your family enjoy rides and theme park vibes, Orlando is definitely the place to go. Plus, it has sunny weather most of the year, which is always a bonus when you’re on vacation.

    The Grand Canyon, Arizona

    Because this famous canyon is so vast, it’s impossible to put a specific location down. Instead, we’re just going to talk about the canyon itself. The Grand Canyon is an iconic travel destination that people from all over the world come to see. But, it’s also a brilliant family-friendly travel location.

    There’s a huge national park here that has loads of campsites for you and your family to settle down in during your trip. You can find loads of great hikes throughout the Grand Canyon, taking you to some amazing viewpoints of the surrounding area. The more time you spend in this place, the more things you realize you and your family can do. As far as outdoor adventures go, it’s hard to beat the Grand Canyon.

    Moab, Utah

    You might not have expected Moab to be on this list, but it’s genuinely one of the greatest places you can go with your family. There are so many Moab activities for kids and the family that very few places in the country can compete with. We’re talking about hiking through national parks, visiting interactive dinosaur museums, swimming, and river rafting – and there are even some ski resorts that are perfect during the winter months. Overall, you have everything your family could possibly hope to enjoy here. It’s this diversity that has earned Moab a place on this list!

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    Take a short flight over to Hawaii if you want to enjoy some delightful weather and loads of excellent family activities. There are plenty of places to visit in Hawaii, but Honolulu is the pick of the bunch. Sandy beaches and crystal clear seas are just two of the gorgeous attractions for families in this city. There are so many amazing beaches, but there are also iconic and important museums and places of culture – like the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. Again, you have loads of hiking trails for active families, and it’s just one of those places you love to visit for a sunny summer vacation.

    San Diego, California

    California is full of great cities for vacations and city breaks, but San Diego is the number one city for families. You can enjoy a whole host of attractions here, many of which are specifically geared towards kids. The San Diego Zoo should be one of the first places on your list of things to do, showcasing some amazing animals that your kids are unlikely to see anywhere else. There’s SeaWorld here as well, which further introduces your family to amazing animals – as well as an awesome theme park.

    The city itself is full of family-friendly restaurants and museums, and you can hop in the car for a short drive to be taken to Legoland California if you want! Of course, you have some beaches here too, and they are great for beginner surfing lessons if your kids are interested in that. Nice weather, friendly people, and loads of tourist attractions make San Diego a must-visit place for you and your family.

    Were you surprised by any of the destinations on this list? Which one are you most looking forward to visiting? If you’re planning a family vacation, you can’t go wrong with choosing any of the locations we’ve covered today!

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