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25 Scenic Side Trips in Arizona and New Mexico, New Road Trip Guide Book

Full-color maps and photographs illustrate easy-to-follow scenic routes through breathtaking landscapes and iconic towns in Arizona and New Mexico. Add fun, history, and jaw-dropping natural wonders to your southwestern road…

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Forgotten Treasures of the Old West

If you blink, you’ll miss it. If you stop, you won’t forget it.

The high desert of Arizona is one of the most deceptive and surprising areas in the world. Hidden in the seemingly endless planes of scrub grass and junipers is a network of ancient canyons, flourishing riparian zones, and cultural sites that attract photographers, hikers, and historians alike. Some of the most spectacular hideaways of this secretive area are the lost towns of Canyon Diablo and Two Guns located on Interstate 40 between Winslow and Flagstaff at the abandoned Exit 230. Canyon Diablo While not as well-known as Tombstone, Arizona, or Dodge City, Kansas, the city of Canyon Diablo was no less terrible. Its sordid ascension can be likened to a dust-devil: fast, destructive, and short-lived. In fact, during its two-year hayday, Canyon Diablo accounted for more violent deaths than tombstone, Dodge City, or Abilene, Kansas, combined. In the dusty air, you can nearly still smell the gunpowder. The ruins themselves sit just east of the steep walls of Canyon Diablo for which the town was named and the 1946 railway bridge that spans it. With the tallest mountains in the state forming a formidable background, the location is ideal for rustic photoshoots, exploration, and satisfying your history-buff side. Watch for sharp debris and barbed wire. Decent into the Canyon Diablo gorge is possible from the western wall for skilled Class 3-4 climbers. There is no trail.

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Arizona’s Diamond in the Rough

Sedona: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Arizona With a population of about 10,000, the small city of Sedona is often overshadowed by more famous Arizona destinations. The Grand…

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5 Dazzling Bucket List Destinations: Part 1

Grab a pen & a piece of paper because it's time to make that travel bucket list you've always wanted to. These places are in no particular order as it…

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