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    Travel Expert Shares Tips on Staying Healthy While Flying

    Travel Expert Shares Tips on Staying Healthy While Flying

    While airports and airlines do their best to follow proper cleaning procedures, getting into contact with germs and getting sick while traveling is sometimes inevitable.

    People are constantly looking for ways to stay healthy while traveling and in the last month, Google searches for “tridemic” have increased by over 177%. Anton Radchenko, the founder of AirAdvisor, is sharing the best ways to stay healthy while traveling by plane.

    “Rest is always important, but especially before and after a flight. This helps ensure your body is prepared to fight off all the germs it will come into contact with. It can be easy to forget to drink water while traveling, but staying hydrated is important. Try bringing your own water bottle to help motivate you to keep drinking water. Consuming healthy foods always provides your body the extra boost it needs to stay strong, especially during travel.

    Keep plenty of healthy snacks handy.  Supplements, such as Vitamin C, can prevent sickness. Be sure to consistently take them in the days leading up to your flight to help your body prepare for any germs. Wash or sanitize any chance you get. Bring your own hand sanitizer and wash with soap and water to rid your hands of any germs you will likely pick up in an airport. Where you sit can play a huge role in staying healthy. Sit away from the bathroom to avoid being around too many people. Window seats are best because you’ll be less exposed to more people.”

    It’s inevitable that people will come across germs while traveling but by taking simple measures, they can reduce their chances of getting sick.

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    Travel Expert Shares…

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