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    7 Photographers Who Can Freeze Time Through Their Spectacular Images

    7 Photographers Who Can Freeze Time Through Their Spectacular Images

    Photographers are the eyes of our world, going to great lengths to direct our eyes to the most beautiful aspects of life.

    Through their astounding work, we are given tangible pieces of art that capture our stunning world.  There are many individuals who effortlessly take our breath away through their phenomenal storytelling through images.

    Here are 7 amazing photographers to inspire you to become a better photographer:

    Adley Haywood

    From Greensboro, North Carolina, Adley creates astounding portraits that capture the intricacies of people, fashion, and various events. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 when he invested in his first DSLR camera. With his work now reaching new heights – Adley is photographic proof of utilizing your gift in any environment and any circumstance.

    If I could change one thing in the world, it would be getting more respect for photographers in the industry. Most people do not know how much work is behind getting great photos! It’s way more than just pressing the shutter button and BOOM you get a photo.

    Hayden Lynch

    Ascending from the roots of a small town in New Hampshire, Hayden yearned to explore the world. Now he travels for a living, telling the stories of many through his photographs. In 2018, in pursuit of his happiness, Hayden quit his job, packed his bag, and traveled for 15 months around the world, visiting 30 countries. When he returned, he immediately picked up a camera and began telling stories with his lens. Finding immense joy in photography, Hayden decided to pursue it with everything he had.

    The right shot typically captures the emotion of an experience whether positive or negative. There has to be an authenticity to the photo for me, a genuine representation of the experience.

    Brigette Mallos

    Brigette has been using the Nikon mirrorless system for 3.5 years to capture the sunrise, sunset, and beach lifestyle on the Gold Coast. The Nikon mirrorless system has brought her love of photography to life after transitioning from shooting with a Nikon DSLR. Brigette is now a Creator for Nikon Australia and am proudly supported by the company.

    Trust your instinct and always say yes to work and opportunities, even if you think you’re not ready. If you are ever in doubt remember that your way/journey is the right way/journey for you.

    Jason Corcoran

    Originally from Massachusetts, Jason moved out to California to experience a better life. Since moving to California, Jason began his photography journey a little over three years ago. Now, he is a rising landscape photographer that is touching the world with his images of Southern California.

    One of the best lessons I can give is to bring your camera with you wherever you go. Take lots of photographs. Having digital storage has made it easy to really explore the craft in a new way.

    Zia Ave

    Zia Avenue is a multi-faceted creative, specializing in graphic design, photography, and videography, her passion lies with connecting brands with the people which they serve. She is skilled in leveraging the power of blogs, online communities, and social media platforms to increase brand awareness and boost brand loyalty.

    Trial and error is something you’ll have to get used to and it’s also the best way to learn.

    Susy Ayala

    Susana “Susy” Ayala is a Mexican Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer based in León, Mexico.

    From photography inspirations to social media tips, Susy talks with us about her roots and her creative process and experience behind the lens.

    Ask for honest feedback and don’t be disappointed, sometimes everything is about learning and unlearning.

    Zusha Goldin

    Zusha was born the youngest of ten siblings to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York. In March of 2020, Zusha moved out to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his dreams of creating winning images with celebrities and business executives.

    I’d rather regret the things I’ve done, than regret the things I haven’t done.

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