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    5 Top Features To Look For In A Cannabis Container

    5 Top Features To Look For In A Cannabis Container

    Buying cannabis gear is as important as buying cannabis itself because if you don’t store it properly it will turn brown and lose its potent effect.

    So, if you are wondering what are the best ways to store your stash then look no further, what you need is a weed container.

    If stored properly, cannabis can last for up to 2 years, meaning you need to create the perfect environment to achieve that. In this article, we’ll help you learn more about weed containers and the top 5 features that you need to look for when purchasing one.

    What is a weed container and what does it do?

    In simple words, it is a box or a jar where you store your weed. Depending on your taste and style, you can choose a luxurious wood container or a glass jar, but the options are endless. The perfect weed container should keep your stash dry, protect it from light, and keep its scent, extending its freshness as long as possible.

    Like any other plant, marijuana can also degrade over time. After being harvested and separated from its stem, the process of degrading begins, and if you provide it with the appropriate environment the speed at which it degrades will slow down. It’s also good to know that cannabis is very sensitive to environmental factors including oxygen, UV rays, and humidity.

    Top features of proper weed storage

    To keep your weed fresh and potent, remember to store it properly in containers that resist temperature changes and humidity. Below are the top features you need to look for when buying a weed container.

    Size of container

    Weed containers come in various sizes and shapes, so finding the perfect one for you depends on your style and how much you plan to store in it. If you plan to keep the stash at home then you might consider getting a bigger box, but if you plan to take your stash with you on the go, then you might opt for a smaller box or jar for easier transport.

    Air protection

    Protecting the weed from oxygen is essential to extend its freshness. For example, to accomplish this you’ll need an airtight jar that will lock out the elements such as air and moisture. Otherwise, your weed will turn brown and develop mold, which will no longer be good for consumption. Look for weed containers that have solid seals, or if it’s a jar look for a silicone or rubber gasket for maximum effectiveness.

    Light protection

    As we mentioned earlier, UV rays will fade your weed, burning up its most valuable compounds. So you might want to consider UV-protective materials or store them in a cool and dark place to avoid this issue. Light is the biggest factor for cannabis degradation, so don’t forget to keep your weed containers away from direct light.

    Moisture protection

    As we already know, mold loves moisture, so if you want to protect your stash you need to look for containers that provide moisture protection and will keep your flower dry and fresh. But, remember that quality bud can’t get too dry without causing cannabinoids and terpenes to degrade. So, it is important to maintain proper humidity levels for long-term storage.


    High temperatures can cause it to dry and the terpenes to evaporate, so keeping it at an appropriate temperature will help its longevity. For example, mildew and mold thrive at temperatures between 78 and 86 degrees, so the best temperature would be below this threshold. Bear in mind that keeping it in a cool and dark place is a bit complex since that cool and dark place for some people might be the refrigerator which in reality is not a good idea since it can cause moisture.

    Weed container materials

    While some of the most popular weed containers might be wood containers, there are also metal and glass. Wood containers are elegant and the natural material will never transfer odd scents or tastes to your marijuana. Glass containers are a classic and they have a great airtight barrier that keeps the weed protected from the elements. If you are most concerned about humidity, then the best choice would be a metal container like aluminum and stainless steel jars.

    Things you don’t want to do with your weed

    Knowing what you should do is very important, but so is knowing what you shouldn’t do with your weed so it will stay fresh and potent. Here are some tips:

    • Don’t store your weed near electronics since the heat will degrade the stash.
    • Don’t add fruit peels to flavor the dope because it will only add unwanted moisture, letting it develop mold and mildew.
    • Try not to leave it out in the open on surfaces exposed to heat, light, or humidity.
    • Don’t store the stash in the fridge. Even though a lot of people do this, it is not good since the temperature fluctuations from opening and closing it will make the marijuana develop mildew and mold.
    • Also, don’t store it in the freezer because this will break the trichome resin heads off from the rest of the reefer before you can even consume it.
    • Don’t store it in direct contact with other substances like polish, paint, perfume, shaving cream, and other toxic items.
    • Never store your stash in plastic bags since plastic can contaminate the weed because it attracts trichomes through static charge.

    Also, remember to store the stash separately from your pipes, lighters, grinders, bongs, and other pot paraphernalia which will overpower the freshness of the stash you are trying to preserve, since it might get a funky smell over time.


    Final thoughts

    Proper weed storage will ensure your stash lasts for a long time, so remember to pay attention to the environment like exposure to light, heat, and moisture. The elements cause chemical changes that degrade their potency and can affect the taste. So, finding the best weed container is as important as purchasing the best quality weed.

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