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    7 Ways To Have A Pleasant Dream

    7 Ways To Have A Pleasant Dream

    Ever wondered whether it’s possible to control what happens in your brain when you fall asleep?

    If it’s possible to have a say in the type of dreams you have? While it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be successful every night, the more you practice, the more you can guarantee that you’ll dream the types of dreams you like. There are also certain techniques to help you remember the dreams once you wake up.

    Here are 7 ways to have pleasant dreams.

    1. Sleep Position

    One of the first things that affect the types of dreams you have is your sleeping position. When thinking about controlling your dreams, most people tend to consider whether it’s possible to control the ability to have sex dreams. Based on the information in this guide, your sleeping position can highly affect whether or not you have sex dreams. For instance, if you sleep on your tummy with your hands above your head, your chances of having a sex dream will definitely increase.

    2. Increase Your Melatonin Levels

    If you’re interested in having lucid dreams, then your best bet would be to increase your melatonin levels. The higher the level of melatonin in your body, the better the dream quality you’ll have. You can do this by maintaining a fixed sleeping schedule and making sure you sleep in a completely dark room. You can also increase the production of melatonin in your system through your diet by eating almonds, sunflower seeds, white and black mustard, cherries, as well as flax seeds. 

    3. Stretch Before You Sleep

    Your state of mind can deeply affect the types of dreams you have. To ensure you have pleasant dreams, you need to get rid of any negative energy you have, make sure your body is relaxed, and get into a sleep routine that you’re comfortable with. When you stretch before you sleep, you extend your muscles and get rid of the tension built up in your body. That way, your mind is calmer and more prone to welcome pleasant dreams.

    4. Choose Your Clothing

    The way you feel about yourself can greatly be altered by what you’re wearing. If you’re looking to experience dreams on the sexier side, then you should get in the mood. You can do this by making sure you wear something you find yourself appealing in before you sleep, or even decide to get rid of clothes entirely. Getting in the mood with the right clothing is a great step to work towards having pleasant dreams at night. 

    5. Use Your Imagination

    What’s lingering inside your brain before you fall asleep can have a huge influence on the setting that takes place. Instead of thinking about your problems, what a horrible world we live in, or worrying whether there are monsters underneath your bed, you should focus on creating a positive scene. Use your imagination to think of happy thoughts and even create your dream getaway. You can add details to it every night before you sleep to help you feel more and more connected to it and make it easier to bring to life in your dreams. 

    6. Keep a Dream Journal

    Many people dream daily but don’t have a clue of what they dream about. That’s because most people tend to forget about what happened while they were asleep as soon as they wake up. To help train your brain to remember your dreams and also keep track of what happens inside your head when you sleep, you can keep a dream journal beside your bed. As soon as you open your eyes, jot down the dream before it disappears from your memory.

    7. Keep Your Room Smelling Good

    While sniffing a flower before you sleep will not affect the type of dreams you have, smelling the aroma while you are already asleep can infiltrate your brain and influence your dreams. The more pleasant the smell, the better you’ll feel about your dreams, whereas bad smells can, in some cases, lead to nightmares. Keeping your room fresh and scented can definitely affect the quality of your dreams. 

    Other factors can also affect the quality of your sleep. You should take care of your sleeping place: choose the right and comfortable mattress or choose a special recliner for sleeping. This will positively affect your sleep and create additional comfort. Or you can practice sleeping separately from your partner. It can also improve sleep quality because you may have different sleep rhythms. Experiment and find out what affects the quality of your sleep.

    For people who suffer from nightmares regularly, knowing that they can be avoided can be life-changing. Stimulating positive dreams and training your brain to dream about the things you want it to is possible with the above steps. Focusing on your sleeping position, what you wear to bed, and your nightly routine, in addition to getting rid of negative thoughts before bedtime is crucial to ensure you have happy dreams. To know more about dreams visit this site.

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    • Olivia
      April 15, 2023

      Good choice, thank you! In fact, it is also important to understand the meaning of your dreams so that you can get the most out of it. You can read islamic dream interpretation online to understand more about what your dreams mean, especially if they are strange.

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