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    Colorado-Based Graphic Designer and Legacy Goods Founder Jonathan Tenkely Designs Anti-Microbial Metal Pocket Tools

    Colorado-Based Graphic Designer and Legacy Goods Founder Jonathan Tenkely Designs Anti-Microbial Metal Pocket Tools

    Getting back to normal is the last thing on this Colorado maker’s mind so he’s turned a few weeks away from the office into a chance to take his career in a new direction.

    Jonathan Tenkely, a Colorado-based graphic designer and founder of the prototype development company Legacy Goods, has not been spending much time on the couch since Colorado’s stay-at-home order was enacted.

    Since early March, he has been designing, prototyping, and is now manufacturing solid metal pocket-tools that leverage the naturally-occurring antimicrobial properties of brass. The tool’s unique features were designed to decrease skin contact with commercial doors, keypad buttons, latches, and touchpads while offering additional versatility as a screwdriver, pry-bar, and even a bottle opener. He’s launching his product idea on Kickstarter in hopes that his enthusiasm for fabrication and design can take his startup in a new direction. In addition to using the funds to pay for the creation of the tools, 5% of the total funds raised on Kickstarter will be donated to the Mile High United Way organization.

    “I love any excuse to get into the shop and create something. In 2018, I bought my own CNC machine and started a small business making custom metal prototypes and simple tools. I have always had plans to put more energy into scaling-up my company, but I always seem to have too much on my plate to make that happen.” Says Jonathan, the founder of Legacy Goods LLC.

    “I am incredibly fortunate to have a job that fosters creativity and has allowed me to work from home during the lockdown, so I decided that if I was really serious about doing this, I’m never going to have a better chance”.

    Jonathan has launched the “Talon Multi-Tool©” on Kickstarter. The tool is CNC machined from solid brass in the Legacy Goods prototype shop and capitalizes on the inherent antimicrobial properties of the metal*. Designed to be a simple tool to avoid touching commonly shared surfaces, the tool can assist in opening door latches, pressing keypad buttons, and reducing contact with surfaces on public transportation. By designing as many useful features as possible into the tool, like a pry bar, screwdriver, and bottle opener, Jonathan believes his design is superior to similar imported tools on the market and will offer consumers continued every-day utility as we navigate our next normal. Jonathan has developed plans to handcraft each tool in his home CNC shop near Denver and has already begun production to ensure he can deliver a tool to early supporters of his Kickstarter campaign.

    Tenkley is a designer and maker located in Highlands Ranch, CO. A Creative Director by trade, he pours his energy into starting with the rough sketch of an idea; and through trial, experimentation, and refinement, he brings that idea into the physical world to give it form and function. He has worked with a variety of clients including Starbucks, Procter & Gamble, Gillette, and Nestlé.

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