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    Employ Music To Create A Better Workplace: Experts List What To Listen To At Work

    Employ Music To Create A Better Workplace: Experts List What To Listen To At Work

    Mental health costs the global economy $1 trillion annually.

    And while feeling unhappy and exhausted is unmotivating, you can do several things to boost your overall well-being – one of them is employing music in the workplace. Health Reporter reviewed discussions at the Health Tech Forward conference and the results of various studies and suggested that music can help alleviate mood and maintain productivity at work.

    The average person spends roughly 5 hours daily listening to music, or 32 hours weekly. Researchers found that people working while listening to music were more productive than those doing their job in silence. In another extensive study, 79% of respondents agreed that music was beneficial at work, and 48% of participants even said it helped them focus. Moreover, after only two weeks of daily 15-minute sessions, listening to upbeat music increased happy hormones by 8%.

    According to Yours app CEO Janette Daubare, relaxing and calm tunes are perfect for a workplace. She explains it like this: “Lo-Fi helps us to focus, classical music makes us more relaxed, ambient music gives us more concentration, meditative music increases overall mental and physical health, and nature sounds could make us more relaxed or concentrated.”

    There are studies to support that as well. According to one research, listening to baroque classical music greatly increases productivity as it improves the work environment. 63% of respondents indicated higher job satisfaction, and 50% said that listening to this music style had a beneficial effect on them.

    How can we change our listening habits to benefit from music’s ability and become better and more focused at work? There are three primary rules to follow:

    • Pay attention to the volume.
    • Prioritize instrumental music over songs with words.
    • Think about creating various playlists for each mood.

    Upkeep of one’s mental health is crucial. This is a problem that costs us a trillion dollars a year, and we need to address it the right way.

    More information about the study conducted by Health Reporter click HERE.

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